Have Enright and Towill serious intentions

Those who followed the race round the world Volvo Ocean Race (recently – just Ocean Race), no need to explain, who are Charlie Enright and mark Towill: Americans have twice been co-skippers of the ships – participants of the VOR – Team Alvimedica (2014-15) and Vestas 11th Hour Racing (2017-18). And now they don’t just want to race 2021/22, but to win!

The team will be called “11th Hour Racing” (in honor of title sponsor). Enright and Towill will once again be co-skippers. But the similarity ends there.

Because the rules are famous around the world has changed, and now to participate in the made yachts IMOCA 60, Enright and Towill chose to take on such a boat. Thanks to title sponsor was able to buy a boat Hugo Boss, where you first performed the famous Alex Thomson.

The first big test for the reconstructed ship is the Transat Jacques Vabre (Le Havre from French to Brazilian Salvador), which starts October 27. Race, remind, double-handed (which means that the crew consists of two people), and on Board – along with Enright, will Pascal Bidegorry. In 2015, this French rider has won the Transat Jacques Vabre with françois Gabaret (which, I hope, is certainly not necessary to submit) and was a Navigator on Board Dongfeng Race Team, who became pobeditelem VOR-2017-18.

And buying a new yacht, and cooperation with the most experienced of Bidegorri say that Enright and Towill the most serious. In the past they both times declared about the participation in krugosvetku at the last moment, and the preparation was crumpled. But this time it’s different.

And here is another proof of the most “serious intentions”. At the end of last week, it was announced that a team of Enright and Towill signed a strategic partnership agreement with the company MerConcept based in the same Envelope.

It is not surprising that some observers immediately afterwards wrote that the winner of the Ocean Race-2021/22 already known.

But is it so to hurry?

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