Daring, rebellious, provocative

Translated from the English the name of Defiant – it last Saturday, got the boat AC75, built by one of the two American Challenger for the America’s Cup – new York team of American Magic.

At the presentation of the official launching, held new Yorkers on their base in Newport (state of Rhode island), several hundred people (who first reported that the development and construction of the yacht was spent 76 thousand man-hours) was a great opportunity to consider the Defiant from all sides. General opinion: the appearance of this car little in common with his new Zealand competitor, called Te Aihe (Dolphin).

Built us a boat on the famous shipyard in Bristol (also Rhode island), where the court for America’s Cup building from the 90-ies of the XIX century – the first was Vigilant, victorious in 1893.

Last week, before the presentation of the first boat of American Magic (although perhaps it would be better to call it a car) passed the first test, was rising rapidly on underwater wings, rapidly gaining speed and quickly turned – though during one of the turns still pecked his nose.

In any case, Defiant will surely make a great impression. There is something to see.

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