Second try

March 20, 2019

      Second try
      Yesterday, after a long overhaul in French Lorient, Imoca 60 class yacht Сharal was launched. Yes, that very one of the main losers of the transatlantic race Route du Rhum, held last autumn.

Second try

They built a beautiful Сharal, we recall, in the summer of 2018. Then everyone wrote about her or almost all – and did not feel sorry for the enthusiastic words. Experts and journalists amicably called the yacht a technological miracle, and skipper Сharal Jeremy Beiu was the new class favorite destined not only to drop the glove to recognized leaders such as Brit Alex Thomson, but also to outrun them.

The first serious test for Beyou and Сharal was to become the transatlantic Route du Rhum. After the start, they, as everyone expected, were among the leaders, but it did not last long. Within a day, Сharal fell back to 15th place due to a steering breakdown. And it was soon decided: to stop the race and go to Lorient, where the base of the team. Make a repair – then return to the distance.

As a result, repair work took almost a week, and Сharal again went to sea to continue the race. Obviously, it was already impossible to hope for a high place in the division, but another task remained – it was important to check the yacht in the conditions of the transatlantic transition.

But … New breakdowns followed. Including refused power system. I had to again – and urgently – to return to Lorient …

Four months have passed since then. All defects seem to be eliminated, and Сharal again lowered into the water. It is like a second birth. Enthusiastic publications, however, this time no.

What will be the fate of the beautiful yacht?

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