Starts Cup Association Class “Optimist”

May 28, 2019

      Starts Cup Association Class "Optimist"
      In the waters of the St. Petersburg Yacht Club on May 31, the first races of the 3rd in the history of the Optimist Yacht Class Association Cup will be held, which will gather riders aged 9 to 14 years from all over the country. The regatta will be the final stage of selection for the Russian national teams in the most popular children's class of yachts in the world.

Starts Cup Association Class "Optimist"

It is expected that the regatta will set a new record: about 200 riders from St. Petersburg, Moscow and the Moscow region, Taganrog, Sochi, Sevastopol, Togliatti and even from Khabarovsk and Krasnoyarsk will arrive to the competition!

The 3rd in the history of the Optimist Class Association Cup will be the final stage of the selection of the strongest athletes in the Russian national teams at the World and European Championships. The other two qualifying regattas were held in Tolyatti (Russian Championship, September 9-15) and Sochi (Sochi Yacht Club Cup, April 29 – May 5). The selection for the national team will be made according to the results of two races – the Association Cup and one of the other two (the best regatta will go to the overall standings).

Thus, the Association Cup plays a key role in shaping the composition of the World and European Championships. The best riders in their class are guaranteed to come to St. Petersburg.

In addition, the regatta will be qualifying for the 2019 Games in the class "Optimist".

Among the participants are last year's Russian championship winners in the Optimist class, Danila Ivanov (St. Petersburg, Krestovsky Island), Artyom Maksimkin (Dolgoprudny, Vodnik) and Kirill Shunenkov (St. Petersburg, Academy of Sailing Yacht Club St. Petersburg). Given such a solid list of participants, the struggle for first place will be serious.

The chief referee of the competition, Vadim Mechanics, said: “In St. Petersburg, for the third year in a row, the best young riders of the country gather, the regatta will be the final stage of the selection for the Russian national teams. For 5 days of competition, we will try to spend 10 races, the first 5 – qualifying. Every day we will repart racers into fleets of about 70 people each, after the end of the qualification the best athletes will get into the golden fleet, where they will continue to fight for medals. The final races and awards will take place on June 4th. ”

The results of the competition will be traditionally summarized in four test groups: Girls, Boys, Junior Girls, and Junior Boys.

Official documents and photo reports of the regatta will be posted on the websites: and

“Children's Radio” will again be the general information partner of the regatta this year, and the portal will be the general Internet partner.

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