Gold and two silver!

Great news from Italy: Valeria Garashchenko won gold at the championship and two silver medals of the European championship in kiteboarding. Greetings from Yacht Russia!

This is what has informed a press-service of the youth national team of Russia: “In Italy on the island of Sardinia came to an end the championship and the European championship in kiteboarding. With the first day of competition Russian athlete Valery Garashchenko showed excellent results, competing with the best Citronelle Europe.

“Just don’t believe that the championship is over! We had 5 days of racing, one of which was devoted to team competition. There have been a total of 19 races in each fleet. In the end, I became the first among girls under 19 years and the second among European athletes. At the same time I and my coach managed to take silver in the team event. That was unexpected!” – shared Valeria social networks with your followers. But, for our readers, the young athlete, in a short interview, told about how he had given her this victory, and about the “pitfalls” faced by the racers during the regatta.

– Valeria, judging by the results – the first days of the championship and superiority of Europe has not been easy, but note that the results are worthy. What was the difficulty?

– The area was unknown to us in the Torah Grande (Oristano) we got the first time. In the first and second day I had a very unstable parishes in the top five or top ten… I think, in some races came in the twentieth century. The wind was zahoditi, unstable, and gusts came very sharp. In addition to weather conditions difficulty brought algae that clung to underwater wings. I also want to note that all of the girls are very strong. You can lose was not just because of the fall, and even if took the start on the net wind – just fly out of tens because to compete hard.

– In your video in social networks you talked about the fact that you and the coach took the second place. You were very glad, because in this discipline were for the first time! What you like, what are their features?

-Yes, on the third day, my coach Alexei Chibisov decided to participate in the team classification and I was very surprised by our results. This is a new and very interesting format, which will be at the Olympics! Here the race lasts less than eight minutes, their is a few in a row. It superemotional! Worried about how you will act, try to do everything at maximum. Don’t know how to act your teammate, and you are so much worried, sick, watching. Especially exciting moment when he comes in and you are at this moment must start.

– Team race motivated you? After you’ve the results have improved.

– I think it kind of influenced the final two days, because yesterday I spent the whole day went very well. However, the last stages before the finish was falling, caught the grass, were and debris. Worried, of course, for the fourth day of the race… However, today and well skated. In three races I came second, and the last was the third. I tried to follow the calls of the wind, took a good start is a big influence on the result. The day was great! The result of the competition was unexpected for me, but finally I was able to break into the top 3! Now, ahead of the fourth stage of the world Cup. Honestly – I’m already set up!”

The detailed results see the official website of the European championship

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