The best season for “Battleship”

28 September in Porto Cervo in Sardinia dramatic outcome ended the race 52 Super Series season 2019. Thanks to the amazing composure title of the season won the Italian Azzurra, and the team of the Yacht club of Saint-Petersburg has finished the season in a respectable fourth place.

The first comparison arrangement of commands in standings of the season before the start of the 52 SUPER SERIES Audi Sailing Week in Porto Cervo September 24, and after September 28 will not detect any changes in the top three. Indeed, formally there is no change – the team maintained its position. This made the crew of Azzurra, the host yacht club Costa Smeralda. Team family Romerez with Santiago Lange as a tactic has come to start a decisive step as a leader with a slight margin of points before the German Platoon, and was not going to give up his place. Everything went like clockwork.

But the party was not easy. First, opponents were confused, ragged rhythm of the regatta. Came to the rescue for the start of the regatta Mistral has caused the cancellation of the first and third competition days – an unprecedented event in the 52 Super Series. To maintain stability in such conditions is very difficult, but the Italian team managed to do better.

It is interesting that already in the first race of the final day of Azzurra could prematurely to resolve the situation in their favor, if they won with a lead of four or more points. But Platoon pursued the opponent’s heels in all three races of the day finishing just behind Azzurra. And yet after the second race it became clear that the Italians won their third title of season winners of the 52 Super Series in 2012. In turn, the Platoon is the third consecutive silver medal in the 52 Super Series season in years 2017-2019. The three-time winner of the Gold Cup in the Dragon class Harm müller-Spreer did not achieve the long-awaited gold in the 52 Super Series.

An interesting role was given to the American Quantum Racing. The crew family DeVos acted as “spacers” between the contenders for the gold, which bore fruit in the bronze medal stage of the 52 Super Series season.

Well, the star of stage in Porto Cervo became the crew of the new York yacht club Sled. With an astounding five wins in nine races, the team of Takeshi Okura won by a considerable margin.

For the crew of the Yacht club of Saint-Petersburg “Battleship” the 2019 season was the most successful for all history of performances in class. Won two medals in the stages, including the bronze medal at the world championship in the class ТР52 – the first medal for Russia in the championship in this class since 2010 (when bronze was won by “synergy”).

In Porto Cervo “Battleship” had all the chances to take a medal from the Americans. The team of Vladimir Liubomirov opened the race in the top three, but then made unstable, and finished fifth. In the overall “Battleship” has kept the fourth place is the best result the team.

“On the one hand it’s a shame that we were unable to finish the season in the top three, although the preconditions for this were, says season team skipper Vladimir Liubomirov. On the other hand, after a year break in the 52 Super Series we came back and won two medals in five stages in the standings of the season yielded just over 10 points the first three. This is significant progress, which should develop in the future.”

Meanwhile, the 52 Super Series has unveiled the calendar of competitions of the season jubilee 2020. For future participants prepared a few surprises. First, the series will visit South Africa for the first time in its history, but still will hold a world Cup ТР52. Secondly, the European part of the calendar will consist of four stages, giving a total of six stages in the season. As many races will be held for the first time in 2014.

The results of the 52 SUPER SERIES Audi Sailing Week in Porto Cervo

Audi 52 SUPER SERIES Sailing Week Porto Cervo

The Results Of The 52 Super Series In 2019 –

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PR-Director of the Yacht club of Saint-Petersburg

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