Stormy Saturday Results


      Stormy Saturday Results
      Saturday was the last race day of the St. Petersburg Sailing Championship. If last weekend the wind barely allowed the race, then this time everything was exactly the opposite. Here is the press service of the St. Petersburg Sailing Union:

Stormy Saturday Results

There was a storm in St. Petersburg water, the average wind speed was 20 knots. Today they promise even more severe weather conditions, so the race will not be held.

For yachts of the Santer-760, Minitonnik and Dragon class yachts, races were canceled on Saturday due to weather conditions. Starts were given in four test groups: “L-6”, ORC, Quartertones and “Cetus and Conrad-44”.

In the national class "L-6" was given two starts. Ten teams took part in the first race. The first to come to the finish is the yacht Lena. In second place was the Delta team, in third – the Kareji. Six teams risked taking part in the second race. As before, the teams “Lena” and “Delta” were the leaders, but this time the victory was won by the latter. And the Varyag team finished third.

“Competition in the L-6 class is always fierce, and today is no exception,” said Oleg Kapranov, captain of the Delta yacht. – In our test group, two races were held. In both of them, two teams were leading by a decent margin: ours and Lena. In the first race, competitors finished faster, in the second – we. The weather conditions were difficult, but we were not used to it, so this did not become a problem for our team. ”

According to the results of the three launches that took place in the L-6 classification group, the Lena yacht takes first place. In second place is Delta, in third is Varangian.

In the ORC class, 14 teams went to the start, of which 12 successfully started. The Farr 30 # 4 team, which was the leader in this class, turned around, having traveled a third of the distance to the first mark, due to the inability to control the boat in such weather conditions.

“Today’s competition day was very difficult for our crew,” commented Olga Kochneva, the farot 30 # 4 clewed yacht. – On the way to the start, we watched as some boats turned and went back. We were aimed at continuing the competition and winning. At the start, the atmosphere was quite comfortable. The start was given on time, we did not observe any incidents, all participants behaved correctly. At the same time, of course, it was noticeable that there were much fewer participants on that day. In connection with extreme wind conditions, it was decided to go under one staysail. And, as it turned out, we too much of this sail. Since the start, the wind began to increase. Our boat, I confess, is not designed for exits under such a strong wind. Having traveled 1/3 of the way towards the first sign, the team decided not to risk either the boat or the crew. We suggest judging our chances before the end of the championship according to our work: we did everything to the maximum, trained in the rain and at night, and today we went ahead until there was a security risk for the boat (uncontrollability) and the crew. “We would like to praise all the crews that went to the start today.”

At the end of Saturday, the best result in the overall standings for the Ariel team, the second result for Aurora Borealis, the third for the Astrid team. Following the results of five starts, the first place is occupied by the Aurora Borealis team. Ariel is second and Farr 30 # 4 is third.

In the first subgroup (GPH <610), following the results of five races, the first is the Ariel team, the second is Aurora Borealis, the third is Farr 30 # 4.

In the second subgroup (610 <GPH <660), the first three: "Quartet", "Axiom", "Maria"

In the third subgroup (GPH> 660): the first three: Astrid, Peri, Condor.

Separate test group in the competition are classes "Cetus and Conrad-44." Four teams went to the start, the same number came to the finish line. The first place in the race was taken by the Ariel team. The second place was held by the Mir team, the third by Fortune 2, and the fourth by Greza.

According to the results of five races held at the championship in this group, Ariel has a strong leading position. The second place is occupied by the yacht Mir. Third – "Dreams."

In the Quarterton class, one race was also held. Of the eleven teams that started, only four came to the finish line. The Wind yacht was the first to finish, but the team finished second in the final protocol. The first place belongs to the Fart team. The third was the Cheetah team, the fourth – Bamby.

In total, in the Quarterton class, 5 races were held at the championship. The leader in this group is the Bamby team. The second place is occupied by Fart. On the third line is the team “Wind”.

“Given the weather conditions, it was immediately clear that the race would be won by the one who made fewer mistakes,” commented Dmitry Borodin, captain of the Wind yacht. – Therefore, our strategy was not to invent anything and not to risk much. And she brought the desired result. We started well and for a long time the Fart team provided us with competition. But we have strategically successfully passed the distance and as a result finished first. I want to thank the organizers and the panel of judges. This year we saw the classic championship of St. Petersburg: one weekend did not blow at all, the second – there was a lot of wind, the refereeing conditions are very difficult. I’ve been chasing for 39 years, I have performed many times in Europe and all-Russian competitions, and I can say that the organization and refereeing were at a decent level. "

“The weather conditions at the championship are very difficult. Last weekend calm, this storm. But, despite the weather difficulties, the city championship still took place – at least 3 races were held in each keel class of yachts, with the exception of the Dragon class. Competitions in this test group, apparently, will be postponed, ”summed up Leonid Chizhik, a member of the organizing committee of the championship.

Preliminary results (excluding parsing protests) –

76 Yesterday # 9472

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