Inexpensive. Winged. "For all"

October 12, 2019

      Inexpensive. Winged. "For all"

Argentinean designers Naguel Wilson and Loreano Markinez, together with their famous compatriot Santiago Lange, created a new small winged 69F single hull, designed for those who just want to get acquainted with hydrofoils.

Inexpensive. Winged. "For all"

The characteristics of this nearly seven meter boat, however, are quite impressive: at full courses you can raise up to 78 square meters of canvas, which, coupled with the displacement of the projectile itself (350 kilograms) and a crew weight of three people (270 kilograms), provides a very serious power supply of 125 square meters per ton. With such an energy ratio, as they say, "and the fence will fly."

For 2020, four regattas have already been planned “in four popular water areas” plus a special regatta 69F Super Cup.

An interesting idea of ​​the creators is the ability not to buy a boat, but to rent it – pay per use system.

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