Gatsby style: gentleman’s yacht Billy Joel’s Vendetta

World famous American singer and musician Billy Joel out of their creative life is known as a great traveller, collector of motorcycles and yachts. In the fall of 2005, his fleet has expanded to a sixth ship – to 57-foot “Vendetta”. It, like the previous yacht “Runabout”, the artist has developed independently, taking the help of designers and architects from the company Zurn Yacht Design.

If you have a lot of experience at sea, and in ownership has been – and remains – a few different yachts, you probably know what you want to get a new vessel. For example, on the trawler type yacht Inace 95 Audacious, built in 2002, which we have already once wrote, Billy Joel carrying several expensive heart collectible motorcycles. But the new “Vendetta” actor gets out of his house in long island to Central new York.

In November 2015, the yacht was first presented to the General public visiting the Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show. Zurn Yacht Design, who participated in the presentation of “Vendetta”, not without pride, reported on the many positive reviews. Indeed, the ship came out very successful. So, to use it only as a taxi for the 28-mile distance from long island to Manhattan is even blasphemous. However, the winner of six Grammys and one of the best selling artists in the history of the US as something better.

Feature “Vendettas” that when a displacement of 18 tons, the V-shaped body and two diesel engines MAN capacity of 2х1300 L. c., it can speed up to 47 knots. What are you talking about traffic on the Brooklyn bridge?

“Who stood on the Boulevard or the highway, he knows that it’s just awful, – said Billy Joel in an interview in 2005. I live 28 miles from new York city in a straight line, but in bad traffic, this distance could take up to two hours. <…> Today, I am able to get to Manhattan in half an hour at cruising speed. The last time I appear in town more and more often, because they live closer, and my daughter goes to school in town.”

Appearance “Vendetta” – a real classic, echo a bygone era of gentlemen. Such commuter yacht cruised up the East river and long island sound in the 1920s and 1930s. But today, when you find such a ship – a rarity, they play new York as seamlessly as yellow cab and silver bus company Greyhound, which Joel sings in one of the most famous of their songs about “new York state of mind” – “New York State of Mind”.

“I always thought a great tradition for the guys on wall Street from the 20’s and 30’s years to get to offices on long island and the East river. They have races with each other. They built beautiful boats, and even sets them on aircraft engines,” says the singer.

“Vendetta” was built in the shipyards of Coecles Harbor and Derecktor Shipyards in Mamaroneck Miami. The case was created according to the technology of vacuum infusion using vinylester resin, cloth and Core Dupont Kevlarhybrid Cellfoam as the basis.

Cockpit with mahogany finish can accommodate six people, with four exclusive leather seats Stidd 500 Series Low Back and double seat. Lower level is very modest, but spacious cabin combined with the galley and dining room. Next is a small sitting area with two sofas that can be used as berths and cockpit. Full cabins on this boat are not provided.

“I’m not trying to fill the boat all the benefits of civilization and decorative trim. I do not require expensive carpets; I do not require a televisions. I demand a ship!”, says the artist.

To the question about why a yacht named “the Vendetta,” Billy Joel says:

“Because living well is the best revenge. I live in a house in the style of Gatsby, now I have a ship in the style of Gatsby. I enjoy this way of life!”

Specifications of motor yacht Vendetta

Max length (LOA): of 17.08 m
Width: 4.57 m
Draught max: 92 m
Displacement (50%): 18 529 kg
Engines: 2 x MAN V12 1300HP
Speed cruise.: 41 knots
Max speed: 47 knots
Fuel consumption (speed cruisn.): 431,7 l/h
The range of stroke (speed of cruisn.): 273 nautical miles
Fuel: 2589 l
Supply of water: 499 litres
Ship Builder: Coecles Harbor Marine/Derecktor Shipyards Mamaroneck

The cost of the yacht Vendetta at the moment is approximately US$ 1,695,000.

Photos of motor yacht Vendetta

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