Waterfowl quadrocopter with sonar AguaDrone

Inventor Daniel Marion of San Diego, USA, came up with waterfowl quadcopter that can first tell you where the fish are, and then deliver your bait. The device is called AguaDrone, and it is already gaining popularity on Kickstarter.

AguaDrone equipped with interchangeable, removable attachments. First – Fish Scout Pod, equipped with sonar. With its help it is possible to detect the concentration of fish in the pond, and the maximum available depth is 37 meters (120 feet). The obtained results of the scout would pass on a special application on the mobile device based on iOS or Android. Transmission is via WiFi at a distance of 98 meters (320 feet).

Once the fish is detected with the push of a button the drone returns to the user. Now Fish Scout Pod can be replaced by Line Flier Pod is another removable device designed to deliver bait to the place of detection of fish. The idea, in principle, not new, but AguaDrone has an important advantage: he can throw the bait at a really big distance – as I said, up to 98 meters. And in order to follow the fish, so to speak, directly from the scene, the drone can be equipped with an underwater GoPro camera.

If Daniel Marion wondering, it is available as part of the campaign on Kickstarter. The plans of the developer, the start of serial production. Investing today 999 USD you later one of the first to get AguaDrone together with a set of consoles Fish Scout Pod and Pod Line Flier.

Source: AguaDrone, Kickstarter

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