Mega yacht Voronoi: design – mathematics

Hyun-Seok Kim (Hyun-Seok Kim) is a famous South Korean designer, passionate about creating extraordinary futuristic concepts. In 2011, he introduced the concept of mega-yachts Voronoi, which was named in honor of Russian scientist of the 19th century George Feodosievich and Voronoi designed using his works.

A famous mathematician is the author of several algorithms used in computer science, engineering, and materials science. It is, in particular, about the “Voronoi diagram” used for random partitions of surfaces and the removal of unnecessary structure of the spatial units without loss of hardness and strength. This algorithm used the Hyun-Seok Kim to create his extraordinary vessel.

The upper deck of the 125-foot mega-yachts are covered by the Voronoi lattice, like a honeycomb. Like “organic”, but not as precise mathematical notes we saw another European designer Zaha Hadid (Zaha Hadid). Indeed, Voronoi is much closer to the organic matter and generally to nature than Jazz created by Hadid for shipyard Blohm+Voss.

Plants, water, fresh air and sun will be your constant companions in every corner on Board this vessel. Working on five decks located Voronoi huge Botanical garden with ponds, room for observing the night sky-sized pool with Greek columns, a mini-Golf course, a gym and several areas with Jacuzzi and Spa.

In an interview with CNN, the designer said that on the technical equipment and level of comfort for the accommodation of passengers the ship is not inferior to all modern mega-yachts that make up the top ten of the largest and most expensive in the world. However, the capacity and other details of the project are not reported.

Unfortunately, and obviously, neither today nor in the foreseeable future, the Voronoi yacht will not be built. “I certainly hope so,” says Hyun-Seok Kim. And immediately recognize that a distinctive feature of the project is a unique organic structure is at once the most significant obstacle to its implementation.

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