“The waters lovely, the yacht club even better!”

6 September in Togliatti yachts-club “Friendship” will be held the opening ceremony of the championship of Russia in classes “Optimist”, “Cadet” and “Zoom 8”.

Last year the championship of Russia, also held in Togliatti, broke the record for the number of participants. In class “Optimist” was announced 309 athletes in the classes of “Cadet” and “Zoom 8” – 45 and 54 respectively. It is expected that this year the record will again be broken.

– Superiority of Russia in the class “Optimist” – the most important event of the season – says the President of the Association of the Optimist class Vladimir Liubomirov. – It will be attended by the strongest athletes from all over Russia. Each year class is growing. Five years ago we could not imagine that so many athletes will participate in the national regattas. It is very important to the forthcoming championship of Russia was held at a high level. In the framework of the tournament we plan to hold coaching Council and the Presidium meeting of Association “Optimist”, will discuss the selection criteria, will appoint a new Executive Director of the Association and decide a number of pressing issues ahead of the winter season training.

In Togliatti will come sailors from more than 40 cities of Russia. The competition is held in the water area of the Kuibyshev reservoir. In classes “Optimist” and “Cadet” competing boys and girls aged 9 to 16 years, in the class “Zoom 8” – juniors and juniors till 20 years.

The area is beautiful, yacht-club “Friendship” is even better, – said the chief referee of the regatta Vadim Mechanics. Is a yacht club of international level. We have these clubs a bit. As shown by the trend of recent years, every year in the championship of Russia involves more and more athletes. Last year there were more than 300 boats “Optimist”. This year we’re expecting even more.

The organizers plan to hold 12 races – six qualification and the same final. On the day the race Committee will make up to three starts.

Championship of Russia in Tolyatti – one of the stages of selection of the strongest athletes in the national teams of Russia in the class “Optimist” world Championship and Europe 2020.

Last year winning the regatta was won by the Petersburg sportsmen – Daniel Alexander Lukoyanov and Ivanov (both from the “Krestovsky island”). Now sailors are in the pre-Olympic classes. At the end of last season, Daniel moved to the crew in the class of “29er”, and Alexander – in the “Laser 4.7”.

For many young athletes the championship of Russia in the class “Optimist”, “Cadet” and “Zoom 8” could be closing before the transition to the youth class.

This year athletes from St. Petersburg are also applying for high places. At the last championship of Saint-Petersburg leading positions were taken by riders from the Academy of sailing and “Rout” – Cyril Shanenkov, Nikita Black and Daniel Pepper. Among girls the best of all made by Alice Ivanovo, Marina Babkina and Julia Naymushin. In Togliatti serious fight they impose local athletes and racers from Moscow and Moscow region.

The program of competitions:

5 September – registration day

10.00 – 19.00 arrival day, registration, tonnage measurement of yachts, official training;

6 Sep

11.00 am – opening ceremony;

13.00 – start of the first race;

7 – Sep 10 – racing days

11.00 am – estimated time of start;

September 9 – meeting of the Presidium and the coaching Board of the Association “Optimist” (the yacht-club “Friendship”, the time of each event will be announced later).

10 Sep

15.00 – start time of the last race;

18.00 – awarding ceremony

September 11 – departure day

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