Portable rescue tool Kingii

The company Kingii from California introduced on IndieGoGo (system advance) the result of their dedication and hard work. It’s versatile, easy and comfortable to wear rescue vehicle for swimming and diving. It’s small, durable and reliable. It seems that the life jackets you can now opt out?

The development is named after the frilled lizard Chlamydosaurus kingii. Her feature – bright frill, large vorotnikovsky skin fold containing numerous blood vessels. When the danger of lightning lizard inflates its neck around also works Kingii.

It is worn on the wrist and practically does not restrict movement due to light weight and ergonomics. Pressing the lever activates the locking mechanism, which produces something similar to a car airbag, it instantly swells up and is filled with compressed air from a small canister, and raise the diver to the surface.

Maximum body mass, which Kingii push and hold on the surface, is 124 kg. the device weighs 139 grams. In addition to spray and pillow it is integrated compass and a whistle.

Another significant advantage of the invention – reusable. The air bag deflates and easily folds back, and a can of compressed CO2 to change all the necessary manipulations end, and nothing more is required to re-use the device.

As the inventors Kingii is suitable for any age group – universal strap will fit the hand of the child and the adult, but not recommended its use for children up to 6 years.

Based on the information on IndieGoGo, production of devices will begin in August 2015 and in September will be fulfilled all pre-orders. Retail price Kingii in the configuration of the “device + 2 spray” in the USA will be $79. Shipping of this kit to other countries will increase its value at $17-$110 depending on area. This is because the model cans with compressed air are classified as dangerous goods.

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