For the 12th time!


      For the 12th time!
      In the Pirogovo yacht club, the 12th Russian Open Sailing Championship in the national class of yachts EM-Ka has ended. The regatta took place at the yacht club for the 12th time, and before its final day it was not clear who would become the winner of the awards.

For the 12th time!

A total of 9 races were held. On the first day – 4 races, one on the second day of the regatta. And finally, on September 29, it was planned to hold four races with a southeast wind of up to 20 knots.

As the chairman of the protest committee Sergey Kuzov noted, with a fairly tight fight, the races were neat in terms of compliance with the rules. Five protests were filed and dismantled, with fines and penalties imposed. There were no serious incidents. The fight was quite dynamic even on the second day of the regatta – with an almost complete absence of wind.

Before the awarding and announcement of the winners, the general results of the sailing season-2019 were summed up. The organizers established special nominations and presented memorable prizes and gifts to people who actively participated in the life of the yacht club.

In the nomination “Best steering season-2019”, the winner was Nikolai Vodyanitsky, who passed 20 regattas per season. This is not the first season in a row that Alexandra Peterson retained the title of “Best Steering”. The best clew of the season was named Vladimir Mayantsev.

Those present expressed special thanks to Ezhkov Alexander Viktorovich and Ezhkov Alexander Alexandrovich for their contribution to the development of the national class.

The culmination of the evening was the solemn announcement of the winners and winners. The champions were the crew members of RUS 69 Alexandra Peterson, Sergey Desyukevich and Vladimir Mayantsev, who managed to maintain leadership throughout the regatta.

Five years ago, Alexandra was already becoming the champion of Russia – and now she and the team again became the owner of this honorary title and raised the challenge cup of the Russian Open Championship in the national class of yachts “eM-Ka”!

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