“Sunken wine”


      "Sunken wine"
      At Christie’s wine auction to be held in London next Wednesday and Thursday, one of the lots will be two bottles of grape wine, which is three and a half centuries old! And almost all this time the bottles have lain at the bottom.

"Sunken wine"

The estimated price of the lot, according to Christie’s, will be from 32,942 to 38,010 dollars.

At Christie’s, this wine is called “sunken” or “shipwreck wine”. According to experts, it was made in the period from 1670 to 1690. 14 vintage bottles in a rattan basket were found in 2010 deep in the mud off the coast of Germany. And now two of them will be sold at auction.

By the way, do you know why vintage bottles are usually sold in pairs? It's simple: so that their happy owners could celebrate the purchase, opening one bottle and keep the second one sealed.

The cost of "sunken wine" is, of course, high, but this is not a record at all. Last fall at Christie’s auction in New York, the 1945 bottle of Romanee-Conti was gone, believe me, for 558 thousand dollars!

And this wine is much younger than the "sunken one". So, is its transcendental price fair?

Fair Because Romanee-Conti wines, produced in the world-famous estate in Burgundy, are famous for their outstanding taste.

But what the taste of "wine shipwreck", while no one knows. A kind of cat in a bag.

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