Final races begin


      Final races begin
      At the championship of Russia in the class "Optimist" in Togliatti, qualification was completed. According to the results of 5 races, the athletes were divided into 4 fleets – “gold”, “silver”, “bronze” and “green”.

Final races begin

Today in Togliatti a series of final races of the championship of Russia in the Optimist class starts. 303 riders will compete in four fleets. In the "golden" fleet were 70 riders.

“Despite all the difficulties with the wind, we managed to qualify. On the first day, due to a weak and unstable wind, we had only one race in all fleets. On Saturday, the wind was more stable and fresh, which allowed to give all four races. We see what a strong struggle ensued in each of the fleets; the guys arrived in Tolyatti very well prepared. The Russian championship is the result and the result of training athletes for the entire season, ”said the chief judge of the competition, Vadim Mechanikov.

The athlete from the Vodnik Sailing Club Artem Maksimkin, who successively won two prestigious regattas – the Sochi Yacht Club Cup and the Association Cup, proves his level at the Russian championship. After five races held, he leads with five first arrivals. One point to him is inferior to the racer of the Academy of Sailing and DSPK "Raut" Andrey Sotnikov. In third place with seven points – last year's winner of the championship of Russia Danila Ivanov ("Krestovsky Island").

“I am a heavy racer, and it’s not easy for me to go into such a wind, I like the fresh wind more. The water area is cool, the rivals are strong, I like the fact that constant calls and you can play in the corners, ”shared the athlete Andrei Lavrov (St. Petersburg,“ Krestovsky Island ”).

Among the girls, the lead is held by Marina Babkina, an athlete at the Academy of Sailing (13 points). Four and seven points, respectively, are inferior to her by Alisa Ivanova (PK Vodnik) and Arina Bratashenko (SSHOR No. 9, Azov). In the standings of the youngest youths, the first place is occupied by Dmitry Eremin from Krestovsky Island, the second – Ilyas Yakhin (Yacht Club Druzhba, Tolyatti), and the third – Artem Cherpita (CSKA). Among the younger girls, Dina Zhilkina (Vodnik) leads. Following her are Julia Naimushina (Academy of Sailing) and Eva Turkina ("Krestovsky Island").

“Today the wind was stronger, and I, as a rather heavy racer, was easier. We in Kazan do not have such a trend as in Togliatti. Our water area is more closed, therefore there are much less calls. It’s interesting here, ”said Diana Sadykova, a young racer from Kazan.

Today starts the final series of races. The most powerful young racers in the "golden" fleet at these competitions are fighting for the right to represent Russia at the most important international starts – the championships of Europe and the world.

Olga Sidorovskaya

press service of the All-Russian Association of the class "Optimist"

In the Zoom 8 class, leadership in the absolute and among juniors is held by Galina Pavlova (Samara Region) – 9 points. Among the young men, the best is Daniil Serdukov (St. Petersburg) – 10.

In the "Cadet" class, in the first position Nury Khadyrov with Alexander Shevchernko (Chelyabinsk region) – 4 points. Among the girls, Kristina Vasilyeva / Elena Elyasina (Samara Oblast) lead – 14.

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