Intervened the wind

In the second race of the final day of the world Cup in 2019, the implementation of which is in Marseille (France) intervened in a strong wind with gusts exceeding 30 knots.

In four types of racing because of this never took place, including in the RS:X men and women. In a number of other types of number of races on Tuesday had to be cut.

Recall that the Russians represented in four disciplines of 11. Here are some of the places they now occupy:

470 men (29 crews). Held 3 races (last one). …19. Paul Sozykin/ Denis Gribanov – 28 points (with one outlier), parishes (24) – 20 – 8.

RS:X men (29 participants). Conducted 3 race (yesterday none). …14. Evgeny Ayvazyan – 23 points (with one outlier), wards 15 – (18) – 8.

RS:X women (26 participants). Conducted 3 race (yesterday none). …10. Stefania Elfwina 17 points (with one outlier), wards 6 – (15) – 11.

Kiteboarding, mixed (20 participants). There were 8 races (today – 4). …7. Denis Taradin – 37 points (with two emissions), parishes 5 – (21DNF) – 7 – 13 – 3 – 4 – 5 – (21DNF).

Detailed results after two days of racing –!/results?classId=561b05f3-ffee-4e02-8f81-260f8a6e8df2

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