Everyone joined the fight, but …

April 19, 2019

      Everyone joined the fight, but …
      Finally, you can take a breath: all the participants in the 2019 World Cup stage in Genoa (Italy) entered the fight. Although the wind is still sparse.

Everyone joined the fight, but ...

Only our leaders – Pavel Sozykin and Denis Gribanov – the first (and so far the only) race in the class of 470 did not bring joy: they received a black flag.

But Sergey Komissarov wrote in Instagram:

“Three racing days at the World Cup in Genoa are over. The first day wind power is a maximum of 4 knots, the result: one race, the arrival of the 2nd. The second racing day, two hours on the water, not a single race was held. The third racing day, the maximum wind power is 3.5 knots. In the first race I was disqualified, although I was 8th and it was quite a bit before the finish (I’ll keep silent about the situation, but I’ll say one thing: why I got it, nobody understood, even the second judge on the boat). The next parish of the 20th: the riders are forced to shamelessly row, regardless of the rules, but I could not do this, I was quieter than water, below the grass! All yachtsmen after the races went to pray to the wind gods, well, you do not stay away, mentally wish us the wind, but stronger ”.

Here are the names of the leaders and the places that Russian yachtsmen occupy:

470, men (44 crew). Conducted 1 race. 1. Nikolaus Kampelmüler / Thomas Chaika (Austria). … 42. Pavel Sozykin / Denis Gribanov – 45 BFD.

470, women (35 crews). Conducted 1 race. 1. Gil Cohen / Goa Lasri (Israel). Russian crews are not.

49er (65 crews). 5 races have been held. 1. Sime Fantela / Mihovil Fantela – 14 points. … 21. Jan Cech / Ivan Zotov – 43. … 54. Konstantin Nosov / Alexander Gaydayenko – 84.

49erFX (49 crews). 5 races have been held. 1. Odile van Anholt / Marieke Jonges (Holland) – 8 points. … 43. Zoya Novikova / Diana Sabirov – 75.

Nacra 17 (40 crews). Held 3 races. 1. Ben Saxton / Nicola Boniface (UK) – 2 points. … 21. Sergey Dzhienbayev / Sofia Kiseleva – 17. … 27. Maxim Semenov / Alina Schetinkina – 21.

Laser (109 members). Held 3 races. 1. Toni Stipanovic (Croatia) – 3 points. …eleven. Daniel Krutskih – 10. … 24. Sergey Komissarov is 22. … 7. Daniil Krutskikh (4th ward). … 52. Kirill Evfimievsky – 41.

Laser Radial (67 participants). Conducted 1 race. 1. Line Flem Hest (Norway) and Maud Jaie (Switzerland). Russian women are not.

Finn (20 participants). Held 3 races. 1. Oskari Muhonen (Finland) – 2 points. There are no Russians.

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