Have Reznikov another bronze!

Continental championship in the class Techno 293, held in Varkiza (Greece), ended the Russian team for the bronze medal Yana Reznikova and encouraging, this is only the beginning. Here is what the website of the WFTU:

Our country on superiority of Europe was represented by seven people: Yana Reznikova, Anastasia Shchukina, Anton Tokarev, Ivan Kovbasyuk and Daria Bath and two coach – team leader Tatiana Zhuravleva (she’s a personal trainer Yana, Anastasia, Darya and Anton) and Boris Minaev. The main hope of fans of the medal were associated with Jana: a few days before this, the Russian became the bronze medalist of the Youth Olympic games. Doubt caused a form of athletes, which almost failed to have a rest after competitions in Buenos Aires. Perhaps this is what prevented Yana to become the best on superiority of Europe.

After the competition the results were commented by the trainer of a Russian team Boris Minaev:

In General, the team performed very well and fought as best she could. Anton Tokarev to the last race finally swung and was able to show the result, which came. Unfortunately, it didn’t give him anything, but at least he showed a claim.

Anastasia Shchukina finally settled and the next year, I think, will try to get into the top ten, prizes.

Vanya Kovbasyuk got his experience in international competitions, and going into next year the older group, too, will fight for the best seats.

Very disappointing happened with Dasha Bath. It is very decently performed, many times in the lead, she had a lot of beautiful starts. But it so happened that she failed to get into the top three, although the result is very decent. Seventh place is really cool and highly.

All of our wildest dreams realized Yana Reznikov, who finished just a few points away from first place. And Ian really could be the first! There were many races where it has long been the leader, but eventually finished outside the top three. Thus all the parishes in the three Yana is only the first place. No second or third. And at least in four races it was in the lead, but came fourth or further. In the end, Ian won bronze, with which we heartily congratulate her. She is very very clever.

I would also like to Express my gratitude to the parents, whose efforts the team from Moscow managed to escape in the form of the Russian national team at these competitions. Largely thanks to them were occupied the place. Thank you!

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