Dynamiq got his own brokerage company

Builder Dynamiq has opened his own brokerage firm in Monaco — Dynamiq Sale & Charter.

Thus Dynamiq became the first and only shipyard which, in addition to building boats, offers brokerage and Charter services.

“Dynamiq is based on a modern business model that is not limited to industry stereotypes and provides a wide range of customer-oriented services. This benefits those clients who are interested in buying, and those who apply for Charter services. Detailed knowledge in the construction of superyachts allow us to select the most suitable options to buy and Charter in the secondary market. Conversely, we use our knowledge about how our customers are using yachts in the Charter to continuously develop new projects to build, making them even more convenient and practical,” says Sergei Dobroserdov, CEO of Dynamiq.

The head of the young superyacht brand is well-known the field of yacht brokerage — Dobroserdov many years the head of the company Nakhimov Yachts, which represents the interests of owners in construction, sale and purchase of super yachts, and also offers Charter service. Since 2004, under the leadership Dobroserdova was implemented 41 projects in the superyacht industry. Together under the supervision of the Nakhimov and then under the brand Dynamiq 29 was built superyachts. The most famous of them — Admiral Quinta Essentia and Dynamiq Jetsetter.

Brand Dynamiq was founded in 2011. In 2016 was launched the first superyacht Dynamiq — 39-metre GTT 130 Jetsetter. The boat has won many prestigious awards, has found a buyer in 2018. In the same year, the company announced the signing of a contract for the construction of a 41 metre 135 GTT.

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