23 the strangest creatures and things found on the shore

Summer time sea, boats, sun, sunbathing and evening walks along the beach. What do you find usually on the shore under your feet? Shell, colorful smooth stones, intricately curved refined water of wood, all kinds of algae, habitually, in General, nothing unusual. But it happens at times that, among seemingly natural coastal landscape we see something completely wrong. Well, that’s where there are the two hundred pairs of NIKE sneakers? Or this giant man of LEGO? Let’s look at a selection of the weirdest things that have ever washed up on the shore.

Velella velella

In 2014, thousands of these strange creatures, resembling a boat with a sail, was washed up on the beaches of the United States in the States of Washington, Oregon, and California. They are called Velella velella and are a colony of hydroids (class of aquatic invertebrates such as jellyfish). Within the colony forms a flat air-filled chamber from chitin, which is covered by the cloak she maintains the entire colony on the surface of the water. The Foundation of the colony is an oval and above it rises the blade is thin, transparent, and resembling in essence the sail. With this blade, using the wind, Velella velella moves on the surface of the water. The species is distributed in subtropical and tropical latitudes of the oceans in Europe are found in the Western part of the Mediterranean sea and on the West coast.

Fly swatter

Happens all the cargo ships need to be left and then what ends up in the sea and later ashore. In 2012 the inhabitants of one of cities of Alaska are lucky: they for life stocked fly swatter.


A few years ago the ship Mondriaan during a storm, was forced to jettison a number of containers, and after some time on the shore of the island of Terschelling in the Netherlands landed from the sneaker.

Rubber ducks

And this is perhaps the most touching story of the lost cargo. In 1992, fell into the sea container with yellow rubber ducks. As they say, there were only 28,000 units. Since then, for more than twenty years, in various parts of the world washes ashore, one of a couple of these toys. If you find someone, you will be happy. As they say.


How about something to eat? In 2006, North Carolina, USA, on the shore threw a few bags of Doritos nachos.

Giant LEGO person

And you thought it was a joke? Not at all. In 2007 in the Netherlands found a 45-pound figure of a giant man made out of LEGO. Say, a few of these have appeared on other shores of the North sea.

Glass beach

You may wonder what the big deal is: bits of glass are on each beach. All the way, only on the beach in Fort Bragg, California, a huge number. This place is called Glass beach (Glass Beach). Once upon a time not far from here was an underground dump, but the water washed all the debris, and the glass turned into millions of beautiful smooth rocks.

Nike Shoes

Another story with sneakers, this time exclusively by Nike. In 2011, 80 000 pairs were nailed to the coast, from British Columbia, Canada, to Oregon, USA.

Giant eye

Giant eye the size of a palm was found near Fort Lauderdale, FL, USA, in 2012. Just an unusual stone, it turned out, the eye belongs to a large swordfish.


In November 2013, six packs of cocaine with a total weight of 78 pounds washed to the coast near Tokyo, Japan. The catch was valued at 70 million U.S. dollars.


A container of unripe bananas fell off a cargo ship during a storm in the Atlantic in 2007. Green was given to the Irish.


And again the luck of the Irish. In 1997 on the beaches of Ireland, and the British in Cornwall and Devon was found thousands of different figures from LEGO sets.

Dead birds

A lot of dead birds. More than six thousand, to be exact. They all died of botulism – severe food poisoning – and was beached, on, Canada, in 2011.


Very strange animal was found on the shores of San Diego, Mexico, in 2012. Many believed that this was the same Chupacabra.

Sea monster

Another 4-metre monster was found in 2013 on the coast of Spain. Unfortunately, as in the case of the creature, it is not clear: is this true or just another fiction.

Vintage gun

Thirteen-year-old boy found a gun this old 16th century on the shores of the Northern Territory, Australia.

Mammoth bones

Incidentally, such findings happen very often, but not always in a plain-looking stick lying on the shore, you can recognize the leg bone of a mammoth, who died two million years ago.


The answer is simple – tsunami. It takes all he can carry, and where they end up, for example, your motorcycle, nobody knows. For example, this Harley-Davidson was on the West coast of Canada, tsunami in Japan in 2011.

Giant squid

Beached dead fish and even whales are not surprising as the incredible size of the squid. Hundreds of these creatures appeared in California, USA, after the hurricane in 2005.


Sand bar in South Florida, USA, was the last refuge for the old piano. However, as it turned out, he was washed up on the beach not the sea: some guy is trying to impress the admissions office of the College of arts.


It happens, on the coast of North Wales, UK, sea brings a bottle of whisky, 100 years ago. All the locals know where they are: in 1901 near here wrecked sailing ship Stuart carrying alcohol.

Message in a bottle

It was sent from the ocean liner SS. Strathnaver in March 1936 and thrown to the shores of New Zealand in November 2012. A letter-a postcard, a message of greetings addressed to the woman he loves and containing the address at which it must be taken in case of findings. A letter was received by the grandson of the author of the letter.

E. T. – The Alien

Custom exact copy of the hero of the Steven Spielberg film was stolen from the home of Margaret wells in Hampshire, UK, in September 2011. In January 2012 she was found close to the shores of Old Portsmouth. So the good old “alien” back into the family.

57 love letters to a soldier of the Second world war

In November 2012 during hurricane sandy on the shores of new Jersey, USA, washed 57 letters addressed to a soldier fighting on the Western front of world war II. Dorothy Fallon wrote to Lynn in Fareham. The letters date from 1942-1947., and this gives grounds to believe that the soldiers did not come home.

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