Discussion in Bermuda was sharp

On the decisions of the General Assembly of the International sailing Federation, held in Bermuda on 3 November, the website of the WFTU was told by a member of the World Sailing Council Oleg Ilyin:

At the General Assembly was attended by delegates from 61 countries, and although it is about half of all members of WS, a quorum was achieved. The Assembly received the right to make decisions.

As before, the two main issues on the agenda: Structural reform (Governance Reform) and the final decision on sailing the Board as equipment (materiel) for the Olympic games in 2024.

The discussion started with a vivid report of the Chairman of the working group on reform, Ms. Mary Clark. Without going into detail, she encouraged members to vote for amendments as a necessary phase in the life of WS. The following were made by President Kim Andersen, in fact, repeated the arguments of the first report.

It was further open discussion. Fifteen of the eighteen speakers supported the proposals of the Directorate, three delegates voted against it. At the same time, support seemed in the speeches of the delegates inconclusive. It was felt that the majority of the attendees had not had the opportunity to delve deeply into the latest version of the Reforms, published less than two months ago.

A vote was held, which was filed on 59 votes. The adoption of the Reform according to the Directorate WS voted by 38 delegates (61%), vs – 20, one delegate abstained. Because the reform involves changes in the Constitution, was required to score 75% (46 votes).

Thus, the reform proposed by the Directorate, not passed.

Delegates, their vote said that the time for change has come. Yes, a sufficient number of delegates voted “against”, but this does not mean that they are against change. In their statements, these experts stressed the hasty action of the Board, insufficient time to study the proposals, called the individual points of the reform, which not so much would much complicate the work of the committees and commissions.

What’s next? For re-discussion and decision required to hold a General Assembly, and, most importantly, Extraordinary. The possibility of such Assembly declared President Kim Andersen. If this becomes a reality, the Extraordinary General Assembly will be held in may. But is it complexity? In all growth there was a question: who, indeed, will prescribe the new version of the Reform? The working group, the option which has not passed? To develop the Reforms required considerable funds. With a solid debt WS where we now take these additional funds? Many delegates on the sidelines spoke approximately so: let’s not be hasty, and will work to change the existing structure step by step. And take the lead should the President, the election or re-election which will be held next year, in November, 2021-th.

A four-hour meeting exhausted and hot discussions, the delegates were released for lunch, and when they returned, they waited for another difficult decision.

Two delegations, China and Israel, issued a Declaration on the revision of the Council recommendation on the choice of a sailing Board for the Games in 2024. As you know, the Council invited the Assembly to approve the class Starboard iFoil.

Supporters of a new class of boards on the wing and the traditional RS:X in numbers roughly equal. In the speeches of each of the parties has presented convincing arguments. For example, defenders of the RS:X referred to the letter 160 dosochinil adolescence who were asked to leave the class, plays with a financial issue, the possibility of failure to provide Board for the Olympic games 2020 in Enoshima.

However, eight of the 12 speakers argued the advantages of the new class, referring to preferences of Moka, the involvement of young riders and time necessary changes. Left to vote to clarify the position.

The vote was held: for RS:X received 13 votes, while “foil” – 37 (with one abstention).

The General Assembly approved the recommendation of the Board: at the Olympic games in 2024 as a program number “Windsurfing men/women” elected to the Board class Starboard iFoil.

…The General Assembly concluded the work. Thoughtfully dispersed the delegates: what will happen to the International Federation in the near future?

As they say, wait and see.

Oleg Ilyin, member of the Board WS

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