1200 yachts!


      1200 yachts!
      The Round the Island Race around the Isle of Wight challenged the famous Barcolan in Trieste: 1,200 yachts took part in it last Saturday!

1200 yachts!

The distance of the race from the start and finish in Kaus, which has been held since 1931, is small – only 50 nautical miles. Nevertheless, for many participants of Round the Island Race-2019, this distance proved to be insurmountable: only 257 yachts managed to fit into the time limit. And this is from 1200! The wind was too light.

First to the finish line, becoming the owner of line honors, came the 100-foot trimaran Actual Leader of the French skipper Yves Le Blevé: he covered 50 miles in 7 hours, 33 minutes and 36 seconds.

The main prize – the Golden Roman Bowl – went to the smallest yacht in the entire fleet, the 18-foot Eeyore and its skipper Joe Richards, who finished 13: 36.11.

Richards was not surprised at his success by saying:

– Actually, a couple of times in this race we were the second. Once we should have been lucky?

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