Brazilian dancing on the international yachting arena

There are on the Brazilian coast tourist town of Maceio. Not had a chance to visit? Say inhabiting his people is so hot that when they are dancing by the sea, the sand under your feet melts and is transformed into pure glass, which at night reflected the starry sky…

Yeah, you were there and saw nothing of the kind? Well, of course. It’s all fairy tales and fiction! In fact, in maceió, everything is ordinary, nothing interesting. Simple, you know, warm sun, boring a gentle breeze and terribly ordinary beautiful tanned people who are building great quality boats and cruisers.

Yes, here in Maceio is the Central construction site of the largest South American shipyards, with the burning name of Phoenix, which has 31 year of building beautiful and fast cruisers and boats.

This is a little known brand has become the first South American who took part in the European yacht exhibitions and the international Maritime fairs. His unexpectedly successful debut was a big surprise for the shark yachting industry and gave a powerful impetus to the rapid development of the company.

Thanks to the talented leadership the company with the same perseverance continues to evolve today. In the period from 17 to 22 October at the international exhibition of São Paulo Boat Show 2013 Phoenix will present three of their new sports motor yacht limited edition Limited 275, 290 and 360 Limited Limited.

Length the smallest of them, Phoenix 275 Limitedis 8 meters. It is elegant, with light notes of aggressiveness yacht seemed designed to only one of its profile periodically to make the owner forget about the land. She has a spacious cockpit, large cabin with private bathroom and swimming platform, which, like the lounger in the bow, perfect for sunbathing.

The creators claim that during a day’s outing aboard the yacht is able with comfort and maximum safety, smooth running, high-Board and 12 life jackets – sleeps up to 10 people. Beds, unfortunately, less. More precisely only two. Minus it? In a sense, even a plus, because it can be a great real excuse to late at night after a protracted noisy parties on Board to return all guests to the shore and stay finally alone together.

290 Phoenix Limited is an improved version of one of the most popular models Phoenix 290 Platinum. Taking “fellow member” invaluable experience of operating and received from its founders the charge of new ideas, the yacht received an advanced case and even more accurate navigation performance. Reduced fuel consumption and reduced turning radius.

Draws another feature – the variability and attention to the desires of the customer. Now in the construction of yachts you can choose not only the finish, location of built-in furniture and other interior elements, but also the engine – you only need the configuration, volume, power. As you know, all this is somewhat unusual for motoryachts of this class and is very tempting.

About comfort and ergonomics, the creators of Phoenix 290 Limited also taken care of. Slightly increased sunbathing area forward on the main deck aft is equipped with sink, dining area, even the hidden Ironing Board and a barbecue, and then a number of folding upholstered seats, which, if desired, easily transformed into a sofa or chaise longue. And, of course, swimming platform in this model was a bit more.

The third novelty 360 Limited think the climax to the storylines of the previous two models. Even smoother control, more accurate navigation, more economical fuel consumption. Dining area, small kitchen with starinnoi microwave and gas stove, and the outside and closer to the stern BBQ. Incredible amount of hidden additional elements and spacious interiors, all of which, including bathroom and two cabins for five people, equipped with the latest ventilation.

On Board 360 Limited begin to realize the scope of the architects of Phoenix. It seems that the shipyard is preparing once again to break the Bank, offering the world a series of yachts, which, being a class representative and keeping the budget level, quality of design, construction, its elegance and comfort will be able to compete with similar characteristics of models of European brands.

Well, achieving such a goal requires Phoenix maximum attention and concentration, all the experience and all the intellectual and engineering resources. The name of the series Limited becomes extremely clear and justified.

Additional photographs and other information about specifications, options and characteristics of the yacht Phoenix can be found in our Catalogue ruYachts.

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