“The mood of the guys fighting!”

In Anzio (Italy) began the drawing of the Silver Cup – the so-called world championship in a class “Finn”. The first day consisted of three races.

Here is what youth team coach Dmitry Tereshkin page RUS Youth Sailing Team:

“The wind was blowing around 15 knots and was a good working wave. However, we tetroxide in distilled very well. Alex Moskalev was hard in this weather while he’s 21st (57 points, the parishes 21 – 15 – 21). Michael Yatsun fought in the first race came the 12th, then the 9th and in the third was the 7th. But, unfortunately, turned over, and a boat to put it did not work. In the end, he took 18-th place. Nevertheless, the mood of the guys fighting!”

Today the organizers plan to hold three races.

Detailed results of the first day –


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