Best in class Special Yachts 2019

Review nominees for the award “European boat of the year”: part five and final

Journal itBoat publishes a series of reviews of the nominees of the award “European boat of the year”. We had already told him about the family, luxury and racing cruisers, and catamarans caught in the shortlist for the main European sailing prize. In this review, the fifth and last — it will be about the nominees in the category Special Yachts. In this category are unique boats that have any atypical features or embodying innovative technologies.

Aira 22

A young Dutch shipyard Aira tried to create a small sailboat on all occasions. The company launched the yacht in three variations — ClubSailer, DaySailer and MatchRacer. They differ only in the set of options.

Aira 22 was a decent solution for beginners who want to learn how to sail, and for the professional yachtsman and woman and for fans of a short rest on the water. This open yacht is equipped with everything necessary. The sailboat stands out for its striking design, elegant and easy to manage.

Depending on the equipment on the boat may be an electric motor, a table, a hard rubber bumper on the sides and the bow and much more.

Ikone 6.50

French Ikone 6.50 attracts attention with its functionality. A 6.5-metre boat has two double beds, a small kitchen and place to store supplies. Despite its modest size, this sailboat can make even a long journey.

The boat is offered in two variations: the usual for the modern yachting sloop and catboat. The sailboat has got a high freeboard, which also gives a small boat a decent ceiling height is 1.65 meters. At Ikone 6.50 installed a lifting keel with a minimum draught of 0.4 meters, so the owner can go in almost any waters.


French LiteXP can rightly be called a pocket boat. The sailboat can accommodate up to two people and has a small cabin to rest or hide from the rain. The weight of the model, including the mast and the sail does not exceed 150 kg, so to get the boat out on the water, one person is enough.

The six-meter mast of this miracle is removable. LiteXP can be prepared for shipping or collect in just a few minutes. Another distinctive feature of the boat — the presence of oars (not included in the basic package), which will help the owner in the absence of wind.


British shipyard RS Sailing presented an inexpensive 20-foot sailboat made from organic and recycled materials. But this is not the main feature of the model. The boat was designed specifically for sailing schools and competitions.

This simple to operate and well thought out boat has an open transom for fast draining of water, in its center is a special hatch where you can store the sail. The designers tried to minimize the need to move around the boat: almost all of the manipulation members of the team can produce, not rising with places.

Of the additional options worth noting the ability to set a boat data recorder, which you can use to send information to the remote site.

Saffier Se 37 Lounge

37-foot boat Saffier was specially designed for a comfortable sailing holidays. Control station on the boat shifted to the front of the cockpit, leaving a lot of space. All the ropes drawn through the coupling by the steering post where it is easy to manage, on the spot.

To the right and to the left there is rantucci for cables, so the cockpit is actually possible to call the lounge area. While anchored at the Marina at anchor, this place is easily transformed into a terrace. At the touch of a button the floor folds out spacious Desk where you can comfortably accommodate ten people.

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