Not a single Wally: Ferretti Group eyeing the next purchase

The boss of the Italian Ferretti Group Alberto Galassi
(Alberto Galassi) in an interview with reporters on Boat International Boot Düsseldorf — 2019 promised that the acquisition of Wally Yachts they will not stop — the portfolio of group-owned brands will continue to grow.

In recognition Galassi, two more companies can move under the wing of Ferretti in the next two years.

“We believe that we have something lacking,” he said. He added: “First purchase would be very surprising to many,” — alluding to the fact that perhaps we are not talking about the shipyard.

With one company already negotiations are underway, and plans for a second until, “just an idea”. It seems that Ferretti Group is willing to wait. Transaction with the same Wally took almost 15 months.

Galassi also touched upon the topic of an exclusive license agreement with Wally, which was announced in the framework of the boat show in Dusseldorf. He once again emphasized on the fact that this is an important step towards the complete takeover of the brand group, which, according to his forecasts, should be completed in “a couple months”.

This year will be built up to four instances 48 Wallytenders, the first model, created in the framework of the partnership.

“The all-new range of models” promise to announce at the Cannes Yachting Festival — 2019, and one of them debuted there, but after a year.

“You don’t invest €84 million, if you don’t have big plans,” aptly Galassi, referring to the planned spending Ferretti Group at Wally for four years.

To move production sailing yacht Wally will not, but itself, the Ferretti Group has the capacity to create a not yet declassified range of new products under the brand Wally. However, available capacity is only enough for the first time.

“In the future we really need is a shipyard. And we are looking for everywhere. I still have no idea where we will lead this quest, but in the next six months, we definitely have to make a decision,” admitted Alberto Galassi.

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