Ay Polina!

November 4, 2019

      Ay Polina!
      In Spain, the world championship in the Techno class ended. The RUS Youth Sailing Team page provides details:

Ay Polina!

The venue for the final starts of the season seemed ideal – the city of Cadiz, located along the Atlantic coast, is known for its excellent, in terms of windsurfing, weather conditions.

But instead of the expected 15 knots, the maximum recorded wind speed on the first day of the race was 5 knots. In the hope of changeable weather, the race committee decided to send the fleet to the water. The boys of Techno 7.8 had two races, but the girls could not get to the start. Only on the second day, the athletes lined up on the starting line of the first race, but this time, dense fog prevented.

“Visibility was up to 50 meters,” said Mikhail Dubina, coach of the windsurfing team. – They returned to the coast almost to the touch. Every day the tides were up to 4 meters, with an ocean swell and a weak wind of up to 6 knots – in such conditions this world championship took place. ”

Due to weather conditions, athletes spent a lot of time ashore in anticipation of favorable conditions. As a result, the organizers were able to complete the qualification races only on the 5th day of the competition. Among the youths of the Russian national team, four fell into the golden fleet – Dmitry Nestrenko and Maxim Lukyanov among athletes under 15 years old and Vladimir Filatov and Mikhail Alexandrov among athletes under 17 years old.

The girls in the qualification held only 4 races, according to the results of which, Daria Bannaya, Violetta Maistrenko, Julia Kovalerchik, Evangelina Boytsova and Anastasia Schukina continued their performance at the world championships already in the golden fleet. Among athletes under 15 years of division into fleets did not occur.

According to the results of the races, the best result was shown by the young Polina Ovchinnikova, who took 5th place among the athletes under 15 at this difficult world championship. At the award ceremony, Polina, among the 7 strongest windsurfers of the division, was awarded a commemorative cup. Throughout the regatta, the girl showed a stable result, coming in the top ten best windsurfers in the world, and finished third in the final race.

“On the first day of racing I was very worried. Since there was no wind, the race was canceled, and, frankly, I was glad for it, since it was difficult for me to overcome this excitement. But the very next day I had a fighting spirit, I already wanted to chase, but just on that day there was a thick fog and we were sent ashore. On the sixth day of the regatta, a good wind blew, thanks to which I was able to show a good result 7-12-3. The first time I performed abroad, so there are a lot of impressions. On my next trip to major competitions I will perform even better, ”said Polina.

According to Mikhail Dubina, many athletes showed a good result in this heavy regatta. “Of the younger children performing in the Techno 6.8 class, I want to mention Ulyana Vogonova. She finished 17th, but in two races she was marked with 3rd and 1st arrivals. For Ulyana this is the first international start – and already such a good result! Also pleased with the result of Dmitry Nestrenko in young men. The girls in the Techno 7.8 class were best performed by Violetta Maistrenko, she took 23rd place. I’ll also note the result of Julia Kovalerchik, as well as of the boys of the Techno 7.8 class, Vladimir Filatov and Mikhail Alexandrov, ”said the coach.

Detailed results of the World Championship in the Techno class –


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