The owner of a Miami Vice admitted his guilt in the death of a guest mega yachts

Seven months after the death of a passenger mega yachts, Miami Vice, her boss is ready to be punished for what happened.

Laurent Marc Antoine Jean Robert-Kyle (Laurent Marc-Antoine Jean Maubert-By), the owner of 28 m Miami Vice, not began to deny any involvement in the death of one of the guests on the boat. He pleaded guilty in a courtroom of Florida, during the regular meeting. Earlier, in August, repented, and another defendant in the case – the arrested captain Mauricio Alvarez (Alvarez).

According to representatives of justice, Robert, Kyle knew that Maurizio Alvarez has no license from the U.S. coast guard (USCG) the administration of the courts, but still used his services to captain Charter yachts.

It lasted from November 2017 to April 2018. This negligence led to the tragedy in Miami.

“Robert, Kyle saw that Alvarez used cocaine and alcohol during the period when he served as a captain aboard Miami Vice” – according to the Federal government.

We will remind, incident has occurred in April of this year. Raul Menendez (Raul Menendez) and six friends rented a boat for a four-hour cruise to celebrate a birthday. Alvarez landed them on the beach of the island Monument (Monument Island), one of the seven Venetian Islands. When it’s time to go back, captain, for some reason did not check whether all climbed aboard. He started the engines, and Raul Menendez, together with a friend, who still swam, pulled into the screws. Menendez received injuries incompatible with life.

Robert-Kyle – officially only one of the owners of Miami Vice (he owns one-fifth of the yacht). However, the responsibility of it, because it was fixed the service sector and Charter yachts.

Mobert-Kyle will stand trial in January, and Alvarez later this month. The first faces a fine and/or 10 year prison sentence.

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