Places for water activities

Kayaking on the beautiful lakes and fjords, waterways boating safaris on Crete or swim in the sea of Cortez in Mexico… In the world plenty of interesting places for all sorts of entertainment, allowing to plunge into the fascinating world of adventure on the water.

That’s only 9
the most unique corners of the planet, water activities which will leave
an indelible mark in the memory of travels to these places.

Sea adventure kayaking in Baja California

As the temperature
water in the sea of Cortez to +27°C, the bathing in the waters will remind you
stay in a home bathroom. This is a great place for marine kayaking.

You will be able to explore the entire coast of Baja California, floating on a kayak by
Grand coastal cliffs and stopping overnight on the beautiful beaches.

In addition, a lot of interesting places here refers to the number of UNESCO world heritage, so
whichever route of travel would you choose, and see there is always something.

Because sea kayaking in these places is among the most
popular entertainment, will not be particularly difficult to find rental only
necessary equipment, including kayaks themselves directly. Discover
unique marine world of the Mexican Baja California!

Kayaking through the traces of the Minoan civilization on Crete

sea Safari is one of the best water activities that may be offered
Crete. Best suited for these purposes, the South coast of Crete, where
dominated by picturesque landscapes and colorful place, familiar to many
popular ancient Greek myths. The starting point, you can choose a small town
Savkin, located on the Eastern edge of the island.

Journey to
kayak along the East coast will allow to study the numerous sea
caves, visit remote beaches and admire the ruins of ancient
temples. In addition, in many areas of the East coast you can meet
the picturesque local taverns, offering travelers read
the taste of local dishes.

Snorkeling and diving in Sri Lanka

Diving Safari in the tropical waters – the best water adventure that can offer
exotic Sri Lanka. This trip will allow you to admire the unique
representatives of the marine flora and fauna of these latitudes, and swim in
door with whales and dolphins.

The starting point of this journey is best
choose the historic port of Trincomalee located on the East coast
of the country.

Swimming on the island of Paros in Greece

For those who
wants to improve the technique of swimming in the warm waters of the Mediterranean, the island of Paros –
the best option. Here you can get the practical course under the guidance of
an experienced instructor.

Doing water sports, you can enjoy
the contemplation of beautiful nature, and also to devote your free time studying
interesting places on the island, including visiting the ruins of the old castle and visit
the uninhabited island of modi.

Weekend on lake Orta in Italy

In the North of Italy
is lake Orta, which is famous for picturesque surroundings and excellent
opportunities for swimming. The best option to explore these places is to rent a boat
and to take a trip on the lake. Water walk can be as
short (a few hours travel along the coast) and
a real adventure for the weekend.

The second option includes a visit to the large island of Orta San Giulio, among
the attractions that include Basilica of San Giulio and built in
19th century Seminary, which in 1976 was transformed into a Benedictine

Aquatic adventure in the fjords of Oman

If the old lady
Europe and the exotic Caribbean has become boring, then you can enjoy the water attractions
can be in more unusual parts of the world. For example, in Oman.

The Musandam Peninsula in the Persian Gulf is known for a vast desert with amazing
rock formations red shade of red, in the gorge which the flow
dark blue water. Often these places
called “Norwegian fjords of Arabia”, this is not surprising – some similarities

Adventurous kayaking on the fjords of Musandam will admire
pristine wilderness and visit the many unique coves where
even have a chance to meet the dolphins. In addition, you can rent
traditional boat Arab Dhow and take a fascinating cruise on this
a historic sailboat.

Journey through the fjords of Montenegro

Protected Bay of Kotor, transparent waters of the Blue grotto and Mamula island, known as
Montenegrin Alcatraz, is only a small part of interesting places in Montenegro
which are available for viewing during the journey through the waterways of this
the Balkan country. In addition to the traditional yachting, here you can join and
sea kayaking, which in this country is relevant even for beginners.

A journey through the waterways you can always combine with a tour of the unique
sites on land (there are more than enough!).
Extreme can porekomendovat rafting in the Tara river canyon. In any case
bored in Montenegro just can’t be by definition.

Relaxing stay on lake Fritton in the County

Lake Fritton
offers water fun for everyone. You can just swim in
its waters, and it is possible to use these waters as a platform to prepare for
sports achievements. Typically, this pond is used by athletes for
training for the triathlon.

Aquatic center leisure is located on the territory of country Park, Fritton lake and is
the total area of 5 thousand acres. Swimming is possible year round.
In addition, the Park has a hotel where guests have 9

Glacial lake Annecy in France

Of course, the Maldives – a more attractive destination for sailing and other water sports. But still the lake of Annecy in France should not be discounted, because it is more
budget direction, and the chance to meet like-minded people here more.

Scenic Alpine landscapes and the opportunity of seeing their journey on this
a huge glacial lake by boat, yacht or kayak – even though it is not warm the Maldives, but still bright impressions are guaranteed.

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