Deluxe — so luxurious

The legendary Belmond Grand Hotel Europe in the historic center of St. Petersburg has completed the upgrade of all the 114 Deluxe rooms are located from the first to the fourth floor and the most popular in any season.

The rooms stretch along the entire 180-meter facade of the hotel St. Michael street, which was planned even Carlo Rossi in the first third of the XIX century; their area varies from 30 to 37 sq. m, ceiling height up to 4.3 m And the Windows of the premises facing the Arts square, nice view on the Church on spilled Blood is one of the most beautiful in the Northern capital.

The project Habtoor was developed by the specialists of the London design Studio Robert Angell Design International (they carried out the restoration of the ballroom “Roof”, while showing great respect for the historical heritage of the hotel). The new rooms are designed in calm green pastel colours, puts to rest. Modern sounding interior gave a simple and stylish furniture in the spirit of minimalism. Belonging to the Russian designers said Murakami with the image of field grass and flowers, over which creation worked five artists frascisco.

Joe ferry, art and design-Director of Belmond, talks about working on the project: “Man is a creation of nature. When we feel a connection with it, feel more freely and naturally. Watching nature, we can achieve peace of mind on the inside. Our design concept is based on visual relationships between us and the other inhabitants of nature. Using rounded natural form and rhythmic repetition, we create a soft harmony. The adjacent Arts square allows us, being in the historic centre of the city, to be in unity with the natural parks of St. Petersburg. As a structural concept, we took a Botanical theme and implemented it through texture, pattern and color. Be it the depiction of leaves, feathers, wings, minerals or leather — all this is reflected in the project and reminds us of our connection with nature. We focused on the beauty of traditional crafts and used such a unique technique as decoration and hand-painted. We chose saturated colors, which form the background color for bedrooms, to create invigorating and at the same time, harmonious atmosphere, reflecting the in the number to the natural perfection of the external world. We used a rhythmic, wavy patterns and layering textures to create a serene, calm interior. We took as the basis of Russian Handicrafts such as Zhostovo, with traditional floral paintings. It involves the application of bright colors on a dark background, with artistic lighting and colorful accents for depth and richness. We are inspired to opted for the Daisy – the symbol of Russian nature. They say that the chamomile flower is associated with the beautiful and the sublime. Fresh green colors combined with a rich gold give this color scheme a luxurious look with bright Botanical themes”.

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