Another attack of paranoia

April 11, 2019

      Another attack of paranoia
      The Estonian Foreign Ministry, without giving any reasons, refused the Sedov sailing ship to enter the country's territorial waters.

Another attack of paranoia

In this connection, the Russian Embassy in Estonia issued a Statement, in which it assessed the “ban on the Russian training ship Sedov on the planned April 13-14 this year. entry into the territorial waters of the Republic of Estonia as an unfriendly act of the Estonian authorities, carried out, especially, on the eve of the forthcoming trip to Moscow of the President of Estonia. "

Further, the Statement of the Russian Embassy states:

“Many residents of the Estonian capital have remembered last year’s entry into the port of Tallinn of two Russian sailing ships, Sedov and Mir, which was a real celebration for Tallinn’s people who had an excursion aboard both vessels.

The arrival of the sailboat “Sedov”, which changed after repair and restored its original appearance, was awaited in Tallinn with undisguised impatience even now. It is easy to imagine the great disappointment that local residents will experience when they learn about the ban. ”


It is worth recalling that just a month ago, the Estonian Foreign Intelligence Department issued a regular review of threats to international security, in which 61 pages out of 67 were immediately devoted to Russia.

Shortly after the release of this more than strange document, we at Yacht Russia commented on some of its passages. They noted, in particular, that an entire chapter of the Review is devoted to the “practice of using civil courts by Russia”. Using the example of the sailing ship Mir that visited Tallinn in the summer of 2018, it was described how Russian civil vessels (including private sailing yachts) allegedly tried (or tried to) to enter the waters where exercises of other states are being held or to enter “ for shipping areas. "

Especially the authors of the report did not like the fact that during their visits to the ports of western countries the crews of these ships actively communicate with representatives of the local Russian communities. He also amused the passage about the presence of “polite people” in the crews of Russian sailing yachts and training sailing ships leading preventive reconnaissance, so to speak, of the future theater of operations.

Well, paranoia is not yet deadly, but already very, very dangerous.


It is clear that the refusal of “Sedov” to enter the territorial waters of Estonia is a continuation of the former openly stupid policy of the authorities of the country. And it is not surprising that this decision was made just a few days before the visit to Moscow of Estonian President Kersti Kaljulaid.

It remains to add that Mikhail Novikov, the captain-tutor of “Sedov”, said that the decision of the Estonian Foreign Ministry would have no effect on the further navigation plans of the famous bark, and the vessel would continue on its way bypassing Tallinn.

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