Beneteau will present at the Boot Dusseldorf sports cruiser Flyer 10

It took only a few months after launch day cruiser Flyer 8, Bénéteau has announced that during the fair, Boot Düsseldorf will hold presentation of the Flyer 10.

According to the shipyard, the new model will be the “culmination” of the process of expanding the range of boats with an outboard motor.

The chip Flyer 10 — speed characteristics. With two engines of 350 horsepower and the body Airstep® 2, it will be able for a few minutes to reach the speed of 40 knots.

“We worked on the body and on the technologies connected with the handling to give customers the experience exciting and safe driving,” explains development Manager projects with an outboard motor Bénéteau Gina Mikel (Michaël Guinet).

As a boat designed for cruising with family and friends, the creators Flyer 10 the task was to provide a special experience not only the steering but the rest of the crew. Next to the double seat control, there’s room for two, so the joy of being able to get four people at once. Front and side, they will be protected a full-sized windshield.

As 8.8 Flyer, Flyer 10 will have a capacity of 11 people. If guests will be from four to six people, they will be able to get out on the water a few nights in two cabins, there are two double beds. Separate bathroom with full shower boat also inherited from her older sister. In both cabins ample light thanks to long Windows along both sides.

“More thrills, more technology, more comfort” — the motto of the future cruiser Bénéteau.

In the cockpit deserves special attention is a convertible sofa that converts to a spacious lounger for sunbathing. And that’s not counting the three loungers in the bow of the boat.

On the starboard side aft is a small kitchenette, which nevertheless has everything you need to cook a meal: refrigerator, sink, two gas burners, storage space and even a small work area. Near the engine you can install a BBQ.
The cockpit can be closed with a removable roof awning or a more rigid material.

Special attention creators paid to cruiser safe. In particular, from the cockpit there is direct access not only to the swim platform, but on the nose — through section of the windshield.

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