And yet- Polish and Brazilian

Having won the sixth and final race of the world championship in the class “Star”, which was held in Porto Cervo in Sardinia, the gold of the tournament secured the pole Mateusz of Kushnerevich and Brazilian Bruno Prada.

We have already talked about the fact that this crew is one of the most eminent among those who spoke in Porto Cervo. Kushnerevich – the best sailor in the world 1999, Olympic champion 1996 in the class “Finn”. Prada – two-time medalist in the class “Star”, a four-time world champion. This time they are in six races (with one outlier) scored 16 points. Great result!

Two more points from another international crew of the Norwegian Elvind steering Melleby, who became world champion in “Star in 2017, and one of the best in the world kotovych Joshua Revkin from the United States.

The third was (you guessed?) again, the international crew – American Augie Diaz and Brazilian Henry Banning. Recall that they were leading before the last race, but finished her eighth and scored a total of 19 points.

Final results –

The Russians, Alexei and Lev Zhivotovsky Shnyrev yacht Beda took the 25th place (out of five races in 28th place (involved 63 teams). Our Shkotovo Alexey Selivanov paired with Jim by Levchinym (USA) – at the 39th position.

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