“I was happy to go alone”

Colleagues working on page #Esmeralda OK, I published an interview with Abraham Tom, taken after the race #GGR2018.

– Who / what inspired you for this race?
– After my first circumnavigation I was looking for an opportunity to go around the globe, and it was then declared this race. I jumped at the chance, because there were so many different challenges!

– What creature comforts do you miss the most?
– I do in no way needed. I was happy to be alone. But sometimes it bothered me that I couldn’t talk to my wife because we got married shortly before the race.

– What was the most beautiful place / moment during the race?
– In the race a lot of great moments. Most memorable – when after many months of sailing I met Gregor in the sea. I never expected anything like this would happen. It was also nice to see his face on Osiris after I was saved.

– Who were the most interesting companion / competitor in the race?
– I think everyone was interesting. I can’t say who was more interesting than others. Everyone had to go through a lot just to be there at the start. They had to leave so much to be there. And everyone has their own story of how they did it.

– Where would you like to go on a yacht right now?
– I’d like to go on a trip around the world!

– What was the most annoying during the race?
– We used to talk with each other via RF, and when the reception was bad, it was really annoying! There were several such days.

– When was the last time you were sick seasickness?
– I think it was in 2011 when I sailed solo from Cape town to India.

– What is the rule of the race you would like to change?
– Required to provide the race report every two weeks.

– Who are the potential participants #GGR2022 has a chance to become a leader?
I have no idea at the moment. Will be interesting to see how everything will happen.

– What design yacht you think is the best?
I suppose it’s a Rustler.

– You are listening to the same music as on the shore? If not, what’s the difference?
– I rarely listen to music.

– If you were asked to draw your coat, what / who would you have represented it?
– .Two huge wings. The vertical symbolizes the sail. The horizontal wings of the aircraft. And the sea below.

– What motto would you write under your coat of arms?
– The earth was round.

– Swallows, anchors… what kind of tattoo deserves yachtsman, who finished in GGR?
– The Golden circle.

– How did you celebrate crossing the equator?
– I didn’t do anything!

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