And suddenly a tsunami?

The organizing Committee of the Games-2020 in Tokyo decided to reduce by one third the number of seats for spectators of the Olympic sailing regatta.

Originally it was planned that the stands for the fans at the sailing centre on the island of Enoshima, where there will pass competitions of yachtsmen will be designed for 5,000 people. However after consultations with specialists it was decided to reduce to 3300. That will allow us to evacuate all the spectators in the event of an approaching tsunami, according to NHK television station.

Many scientists, followed by some government officials, as stressed NHK, predicted a strong earthquake in the greater Tokyo area (which include Enoshima) in the next thirty years. While the immediate risk of a tsunami during the Olympic games in 2020 but, according to the organizing Committee better safe than sorry. Agree, the logic in this.

The decision to reduce the number of viewers of the Olympic regatta is not only taken in recent days by the organizing Committee. In order not to endanger the health of athletes and spectators, men’s and women’s marathons will start at 6 a.m. (a half hour earlier than originally planned) and the start of the men’s walk 50 miles and all will be held at 5: 30 (two hours early).

Recall Games will be held in Tokyo from 24 July to 9 August next year. There is at this time, the temperature often rises to 40 degrees Celsius…

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