Taradin leads

May 27, 2019

      Taradin leads
      According to the press service of the Krestovsky Island Sailing School, Denis Taradin is in the lead after 16 races at the 2019 Formula Kite Asian Championships. The gap from the second-coming Italian Mario Calbucci is 16 points.

Taradin leads

On the first day of competition in China, registration and inspection of equipment took place, ”said Denis. – The next morning is a two-hour opening ceremony with dancing and fireworks, and at 12 o'clock in the afternoon the first start was already scheduled. There are 16 men in the men's fleet, and 9 men in the women's fleet. The competition is the last stage of qualification for the World Beach Games, which will be held by the Olympic Committee in October in San Diego, USA.

Current competitions are held in tropical latitudes, the humidity here is 70-80%, the air temperature is 28-30 degrees, and the waters in the Chinese Sea are 28 degrees 100 meters from the coast and under 36-38 under the shore, where the hot sand heats it up as if you go in the bath. Wind, mostly from 6 to 12 knots. But if a typhoon comes, then it is already blowing “on all the pies”.

As for the sports part, the first day was intense, full of diverse parishes. The first race began with three falls due to the fact that I entered plastic bags, which was very strange. Beihai seems much cleaner than the more northern cities of China, and in training I did not notice the abundance of garbage in the water. Fortunately, these were all the packages that I caught that day. The remaining races passed without surprises. The average time of the passage of a distance of 12 minutes, at the end of the day arrivals: 11-1-1.

The next day, we had 5 races for men and 6 races for girls to catch up with the schedule. In the morning they started Chinese racers on TwinTips (they have a national slalom competition here). Then we were sent to the water. The conditions were just right on the 21m kite: smooth water and 8-10 knots wind. Before the rain had 3 races. In two of them I came first, and in one on the downwind, competing with Mario Kolbuchi from Italy, fell at the turn of the curvature. In the end, finished fourth. When the rain ended, we spent two more races, still on 21m kites. They passed without surprises – the first two places.

The current position of the leaders in the 2019 Formula Kite Asian Championships:

Top five men after 16 races (three discards)

1 Denis Taradin (RUS) 14pts
2 Mario Calbucci (ITA) 30pts
3 Ejder Ginyol (TUR) 37 pts
4 Sam Bullock (NZL) 45 pts
5 Lukas Walton-Keim (NZL) 55 pts

Top five women after 16 races (three discards)

1 Magdalena Woyciechowska (POL) 22pts
2 Julia Damasiewicz (POL) 32pts
3 Natalie Flintrop-Clarke (AUS) 41pts
4 Jingle Chen (CHN) 44pts
5 Benyapa Jantawan (THA) 57pts

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