Two of the dreamer in the same boat

Six years ago, in June 2013, the intention yachtsman, Mitsuhiro Iwamoto go 6,000 nautical miles from the US to Japan, wrote a sailing publications around the world. Because Iwamoto – blind. Lost his sight in his youth.

At the same time, we emphasize he is an experienced yachtsman. With him on Board the 9-metre yacht was a Japanese television cameraman: he had to capture all the major moments of the journey, which, according to plans, was supposed to last approximately 60 days. But was ten times shorter.

On the sixth day in a boat hit a whale (which was recorded by an underwater camera), and after a few minutes the boat went to the bottom. Fortunately, Iwamoto and the operator had to move to the life raft.

Psychological trauma, which then got Iwamoto (who, incidentally, lives in the US) was the hardest. To cross the Pacific ocean was his lifelong dream. Besides preparing for the journey he spent most of his means, and on the second attempt do not have the money.

So everything is a dream, and would remain, once Iwamoto met with businessman Doug Smith (an American, who, on the contrary, settled in Japan). He was not experienced, novice yachtsman. But he also had a dream of doing something noble.

Smith (who is now, as Iwamoto, 52 years old) bought a new friend 13-meter yacht, which was called The Dream Weaver and the money is fully prepared for long hikes. In recent months, he trained hard to improve their sailing skills, and…

And exactly a week ago, on February 27, The Dream Weaver with Iwamoto and Smith on Board came from San Diego. Behind the wheel they take turns, but the Japanese for the most part of the night. He, of course, darkness is not a hindrance.

That’s the story. This time, hopefully, with a happy ending.

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