A relatively new sport called SUP — skating on easy and long Board with a paddle — has ancient roots. Some believe that it evolved from surfing when there are waves, and “to go”, one is forced to take up the paddle. Others believe the starting point of the kayak, in which the man finally got to his feet. Paddle Board called capboard (from the English. SUP — Stand Up Paddleboard), Hiking, boating on Board — supportinga, and the one who does it, — a sapper (not to be confused with the sapper).

Initially, the SUP boards were only hard, then came the inflatable structures. In the European market, along with the other models today and the Russian inflatable boards brand Atlas Watersport (St. Petersburg), whose quality is considered as a premium. Their four models: Atlas Wind Atlas Touring Atlas Fit and Atlas Compact. All length 3250 mm width 864 mm, thickness of 150 mm; the weight of the first three of 8.8 kg, the fourth — 7.5 kg. they kept the “passenger” weighing up to 120 kg. the features of the Board provides sufficient stability, and the sapper — confidence: he begins to feel the balance already after 10-15 minutes in the first lesson.

  • The kit whiteboard Atlas (the factory warranty to two years) included hand pump double action, tight phone case and a safety Lin

  • A couple of minutes — and the Board is deflated, rolled into a roll and placed in a special backpack

Advantages of boards of Atlas can be seen in several aspects. First — as in all SUP, in contrast to conventional rowing, which involved mainly the shoulder muscles, it is actively working legs, abs, arms, neck, back and even the muscles below it. Perhaps that is why SUP has become popular among girls. The second — compact: they are easy to roll down and fit in a backpack. The third material, which also determines the premium nature of the product.

The polymeric material of latest generation from the company Heytex (Germany) has a woven base with coating layers of PVC. In the end, boards are strong, tough (when inflated) and light — 20-30 percent lighter than structures of other materials. They are suitable for use in a variety of waters, from lakes to sea, and even for rafting on the rapid river. Design feature of the Atlas Wind are the mount for the mast and one removable Central fin (in addition to the two fixed side and Central as in the other models) for greater stability under sail. Atlas Fit received on all Board decking from EVA material (ethylene vinyl acetate) — elastic, elastic, warm and hygienic, which is nice to do yoga. Instead of a Central handle here, there are two lateral (one with holder for paddles).

  • Festival “Fontanka-SUP — 2018” in St. Petersburg. Photo By Mikhail Ognev

In addition to the oars as propulsion for the Atlas inflatable SUP, you can use the screw propeller, powered by electric motor Vaquita Epropulsion. Motor (motor weight is 1.5 kg, Li-Ion battery-2.5 kg) is attached to the bottom of the removable fins and walk against the current.

And whether or SUP is a form of recreation is becoming popular? Last year in Petersburg has passed the third festival of “Fontanka-SUP”, which brought together hundreds of engineers from different countries, who have gone on the boards, including inflatable, 8 km on the waterways of the centre of the Northern capital. A good show called “Carnival world” watched from the embankments of rivers and canals thousands of citizens… What more proof do you need popularity?

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