Around Paradise for 3 days

The first 600-mile race of the year through the eyes of THE photographers

The evening of 22 February to the finish line arrived last participant THE Caribbean 600. To complete the 600-mile route that winds through 11 Caribbean Islands, the us team Oyster49 Porthmeor took 4 days, 5 hours, 53 minutes and 29 seconds. The story of what the crews, by contrast, were the most rapid in our photo gallery the most striking images made by the photographers THE last week.

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The battle for a place in the wind

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Toward victory

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In the blue sea, white foam… the White Rhino!

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There in heaven far

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When pleasant is combined with useful

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Butterfly light

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Shades of gray

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Beyond the horizon

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The envy of Roerich

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A drop in the ocean, a pebble at the foot of the mountain

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