About people’s diplomacy


      About people's diplomacy
      This is discussed in the commentary by Vasily Senatorov, published in the August issue of Yacht Russia magazine under the heading “From the publisher”.

About people's diplomacy

“The Russians stole Marblehad Trophy,” a couple of months ago, an old dragon buddy, a German citizen, told me. "And what do you see theft?" – I asked. – The Russian won, in accordance with the Cup Donation Act, he decides himself where to hold the competition. So I chose St. Petersburg. Instead of talking nonsense, go and try to play. " But where there! Thousand excuses.

And after all, the trouble is: after reading the German press, my politically correct comrade from a certain moment began to perceive Russia through the prism of primitive Russophobia! Has ceased to distinguish between sports, politics and personal relationships. It began three years ago when he, one of the best helmsmen in the world, did not go to St. Petersburg for the championship of the continent. And in vain, since the European Championship 2016 was recognized by those riders who still filtered media information about Russia and did not succumb to the mood to boycott the competition in our country, one of the best in the history of the class in organization and hospitality.

I am very sorry for this person. Raised on a quality press, he did not notice how, in favor of “European values,” she began to defame readers. Of course, there is practically no independent press in the world. The credibility of the media all over the world is decreasing rapidly and significantly And there is a growing demand to see everything with my own eyes. It is all the more pleasant that in the shortest period of time several of my friends in the “Dragon” class visited Russia and were personally convinced of the beauty and security of the country, in the absence of aggression, nationalism and revanchism among the population. Of course, they do not understand the whole complexity of the agenda for a short tourist visit, they are not able to appreciate the depth of economic failure and the incompetence of bureaucrats, the dependence of the judicial system on power … And when you start trying to explain the big picture to them, you immediately get hundreds of reproaches from your counterpart governments and assurances that bureaucracy and greedy banks are a worldwide evil. Critical attitude brings people closer, makes them frank and closer. And at such moments – sorry for the pathos – you understand what a huge potential for bringing people closer together lies in sports. Especially when adults and independent people communicate.

No official statements and victories at the Olympics will make as much for building peaceful relations as national diplomacy. There are no other tools to combat militarism and mass psychosis in the hands of ordinary people. I wish my yachtsman friends would not forget this.

Vasily Senatorov,

203 Yesterday # 9314

Chief Editor

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