Fedor Konyukhov went on a rowing boat half of the way from New Zealand to Cape horn

In the two months that have passed since the launch, the Russian traveler passed 5.4 of the estimated 10.2 thousand km. On land, such distance parts, for example, Moscow and lake Baikal.

“During this time, Russian rower set several intermediate records: the longest stay in the southern ocean on a rowing boat is 62 days (the previous record was the Frenchman Joseph Le Guen — 59 days); the greatest distance traveled; and Fyodor Konyukhov in the ocean 67 years old, and today it is the oldest ocean rower” — calculated the team Konyukhov.

Despite the fact that the thickness of the plating of the boat “AKROS” only 12 mm, yet its armored “sandwich” with Kevlar and carbon fiber perfectly withstands shock element. Grooms always gets in the storm, but, fortunately, the first half of the journey passed without serious incident.

“Thanks to designer Philip Morrison and shipbuilders for what built such a strong car. I separated from the ocean 12 millimeters of the hull plating, you can hear the noise of the water. And when you look at the map, understand that here nobody will help, only in God, on the boat and on their strength, the hope,” grooms wrote in his blog on 1 February.

The next storm, which began January ended a few days ago, 3 Feb. Read the description of the conditions under which in those days was a nine-meter boat, it’s creepy, even if sitting in a warm house.

“The ocean all in the pits. Here the waves are not smooth runway, here are the slides: one mountain — to the right, the other left. The boat will fall into a valley, then rises to the top, and you can look at five or six miles ahead. Then again fall into a pit, and even the sun is not visible,” — said the traveler.

According to him, when “AKROS” is on the crest of a wave, it feels like standing on the bridge of a large vessel.

However, the ship is designed so that in the event of a coup must come back on an even keel. At least during the idle test equipment, the boat coped with this task.

“But I’d better to avoid a coup in these latitudes,” says grooms.

Most of all in case of such emergency situation the fear is for the antenna. Although the fact that dry and wet salted things a traveler can’t, until you return to land is also important.

Grooms admits that he, like anyone “scared in this vast expanse so far from civilization”, but still this is his lifestyle he accustomed to everything.

In the sea he somehow finds ways to arrange a small celebration. For example, deli. Konyukhov said that during the current trip caught ten squid. And on January 29 the nature itself decided to encourage the travellers to the boat for the first time in 50 days, came a flock of dolphins.

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