A student from the UK made an underwater helmet rebreather

Designer Thomas Winship (Thomas Winship) from Staffordshire University have created a light and comfortable helmet that can replace the bulky scuba equipment.

ORB Scuba Diving Helmet was developed based on the technology of “rebreathing” or “re-breath”, which recycles the exhaled breath of the diver gas mixture for reuse. This will allow to get rid of the need to control air supply and breathing apparatus. The diver can relax and enjoy your underwater journey.

Attached to the helmet Bluetooth device that allows divers to communicate under water.

Stylish, futuristic ORB Scuba Diving Helmet is still in the development stage. The project became finalist of the year in Staffordshire University, one of the major research institutions in the UK. Let’s hope that soon a great idea will become a reality.

Source: plugin-magazine.com

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