Universiade: we have reached the final!

According to the website http://www.parusniy-sport.org in Naples was the last day of training in the sailing competition the 30th world University games.

In low and middle West wind, the organizers have fully complied with the remaining part of the qualification program – 7 races (there were 32 races). Accumulated stress and fatigue: the favorites of the old days made strong dips – for instance, the Australian team took the asset the 6th and 5th wards, strong team Singapore and fell to 8th, and up to 5th places.

However, the “roll out” some team that is not very impressive stable result: the Japanese team twice finished second, once fourth. Much was made by the team from Austria had risen to 3rd place in qualifying. All this made the fight very entertaining. Finish the full course in most of the races were tight, so at times needed a photo finish to determine the order of crossing the finish line teams.

The Russian team for the final day turned out well. The crew of Dmitry Tretyakov, Ivan Volchkov, Marina Taran and Daria Paganini confidently fought for the lead in all races where he participated and only a few dramatic moments did not allow him to occupy a line in the protocols a little higher. The result of the day: 4th, 3rd, 3 2nd places.

The results of all of the skills of the Russian crew kept the sixth place, and he lacked only one or two points to overtake before the team departed far from Singapore.

So, the outcome of the qualification in the finals of the team Australia, Finland, Austria, two teams of Singapore, Russia, Germany, Japan. All teams more or less equal in skill, and much of Friday will depend on luck, but rather on psychological stability.

Each of the 8 teams has a launch eyewear to a busy place in qualifying. Our team comes out with 6 points. Planned 4 races in the finals.

Wish our boys luck and victory! Cheer them on!

Full details of protocols and results, see the Universiade


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PS Sailing is an optional form for World Universiade: – country and conducting the Universiade, chooses – in any two optional sports hold competitions. Sailing now fighting for the right to be represented at the world University games-2023 in Yekaterinburg.

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