“Hard” will take the third tour stage club match race

The third stage of the regatta Match Racing Club Tour will be held in Moscow yacht-club “Nut” from 21 to 23 September. The regatta, organized by “Sailing Academy” with the support of the Club match racing and all-Russia sailing sports Federation, is the largest in Russia competition in a format a match-flight.

Regatta will be held on the yacht of the modern national class Open-800.

Match racing is one of the most spectacular sailing event formats. Match-race is distinguished by a sharp contact fight, a large number of maneuvers at short range. All protests are resolved right on the water in real time.

This time for the fans and participants will be organized vessel transplantation and monitoring of races.

Club Match Racing Tour is included in the calendar of the international sailing Federation World Sailing. Points, which will earn skippers-the regatta participants, influence their position in the international ranking.

The regatta regulations available on the link. To follow the competition you are subscribing to the official page of the Sailing Academy in Facebook.

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