“Tried to surpass themselves”

In fgbi “South” in Sochi, February 27 ended the 1st stage of the Cup of Russia on sailing. Athletes Academy sailing of the Yacht club of Saint-Petersburg at this time participated only in one class – 470.

In the end, the “academics” got the victory in the men’s and women’s standings. The first men were the Christian Cech and Victor Tarasov, and updated the crew of the Elizabeth Bondarenko and Alice Frank (St. Petersburg/Sochi) was ahead of all the girls.

Another crew returned to class Sudakov Artem and Viktor Plekhanov – finished seventh in the overall standings.

In parallel with the 1st stage of the Cup of Russia was held the traditional regatta “Winter Riviera”. In the 420 class our Xenia Monastyreva and Tatiana Golozubova have the fifth and the girls ninth in the overall standings.

Athletes summed up the results of the regatta:

Christian Cech: “the Regatta for us was successful, seized the lead with the first race and confidently passed the regatta. Main rival? I think, first of all we tried to outdo themselves. Plans – preparation and participation in the regatta “the Cup of Princess Sofia” to her we will also participate in a training regatta and will hold a training camp in Palma, it starts on 6 March.”

Elizabeth Bondarenko: “as with Alice, we’re together so long, become better at the technical aspects, there is unity and synchronicity. The ideal, of course, still far away, but we try and with every training session, race our technology is getting better and better. Our main rival at the moment is Anastasia Filonova (RUS123). Next goal is qualification for the world championship. Following the competition, in which we will participate again will be held in Sochi, this is the 2nd stage of Cup of Russia (from 24 to 30 March), before the regatta we will hold a four-day gathering.”

Artem Sudakov: “I Went to this gathering with the aim to remember the class and work together with the new skotovi. At first it was very hard to regroup after a 49er, a different speed and manner of driving, but slowly things remembered. Now we need in the shortest time to gain a very good form to have in March and April to try to qualify for the youth world and European Championships. No easy task, but we will do everything in our power”.

Evgeny Kitaev

the press service of the Academy sailing of the Yacht club of Saint-Petersburg

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