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March 25, 2019

      From the world of "sotochku"
      The Dutch syndicate DutchSail, who applied for participation in the 36th America's Cup, announced that he needed funds to prepare the team and hoped to get them through crowdfunding.

From the world of "sotochku"

To this end, DutchSail plans to issue a thousand certificates to begin with. Those individuals and legal entities that want to become their owners have to pay 100 euros monthly for the needs of the Dutch team for two years.

The decision to issue certificates indicates that the financial situation of DutchSail is very precarious – despite the fact that participation in the America's Cup draw requires considerable investments. Recall in connection with this fact that we brought just a few days ago: British billionaire Jim Ratcliffe allocated 110 million pounds (that is, 145.5 million dollars) for the creation and training of the British team Ineos Team UK

The Dutch can only dream of such financing. They, of course, enlisted the support of a number of companies, but, compared to Radcliffe’s more than generous injections, this is a drop in the ocean. That's why I had to use crowdfunding.

Distribute certificates will begin after April 1. The date is not random. To this day DutchSail should transfer 250 thousand dollars to the New Zealand Cup organizers. This is the first part of the penalty for late filing for the America’s Cup. The head of DutchSail, the famous skipper Simeon Tienpont assures that this money will certainly be transferred, but, nevertheless, until this is done.

If 250 thousand are not listed, it will mean that the Dutch are forced to stop the race for the most prestigious trophy of the world sail. Then crowdfunding will not be needed.

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