Volvo Penta has developed a system for automatic berthing of yachts

Volvo Penta has developed a system for automatic berthing of yachts


In an effort to curb one of the most difficult manoeuvres on the boat, especially in small marinas, the Swedish company Volvo Penta has developed a system of automatic mooring for yachts.

This innovative system, which will be held in 2020, Volvo Penta has tested recently in Gothenburg, Sweden. The system test filmed from different angles, to show how a yacht with a length of 68 feet, is equipped with technology “independently” will moor in a narrow space between two racing yachts in the Volvo Ocean Race 65.

Presentation of innovative technologies embodies what Volvo Penta calls its philosophy “Easy Boating”, which aims to make sailing easy and accessible for more people. The key to this new technology is controlled joystick manoeuvring system Volvo Penta IPS, described by the company as “a complete and integrated power unit” which controls everything from the steering station, through the engine, down to the screws.”

The automatic system developed by Volvo Penta, was created to solve problems with sharp changes of conditions of wind and current during mooring and in difficult conditions of mooring in a crowded Marina. With this technology it will become much easier, thanks to the sensitivity of the system to the slightest changes in combination with sensors and the most modern navigation system. The system provides not only easy and safe mooring, but just as safe, provided out of the Marina in automatic mode.


Volvo Penta has developed a system for automatic berthing of yachts


The automatic mooring is ensured thanks to the integrated electronic vessel control system (EVC), which makes the calculations of the steering and drive depending on the actual position of the boat and four sensors located on the mooring site.

“The mooring is one of the most complicated maneuvers in the management of the boat, and making a mistake performing this maneuver, you can create not only difficult, but costly and dangerous situation. Our system IPS itself is very successfully simplified the mooring, and the new auto-mooring makes this process even easier. Its sensors and on-Board computers react to the changing conditions of wind and currents within milliseconds, making a micro-adjustment of power and angle of the actuators IPSto keep the boat along the planned route to the destination. If necessary, the process of mooring may be suspended, and the system will keep the boat in place, even if you change the flow” — says the President of Volvo Penta, björn Ingemanson.


How does an automatic mooring Volvo Penta

Automating the process of mooring consists of three separate stages. First, when the boat approaching a yacht in the Marina, you will recognize that she came into “his area” and the skipper sends a signal that it is ready for the mooring. As soon as the skipper initiates the final stage, the system uses a combination of GPS and sensors, as installed on Board and additional sensors installed on the mooring site of the boat, to automatically “Park” the boat in its place.

It is important to understand that the system is not designed for Autonomous operation. While the system also will use sound sensors, which provide prevention of the collisions, the company stressed that the skipper should remain at the helm during the process of mooring, and be prepared to intervene if necessary.

At the time of the system output to market, yacht owners will be able to install the sensors in their permanent locations in the Marina, but it is planned that the Marina will introduce the system to the mooring point as a standard option as provide comfort and safety for boats and skippers.

Another feature of this system is that it will be available not only for the newest boats equipped with IPS, but a modified version of the earlier engines is also planned.

Motor yachts Fountaine Pajot with motor Volvo Penta IPS:

  • Fountaine Pajot MY 44
  • Fountaine Pajot MY 40

And last, the automatic mooring system will be integrated into the application Volvo Penta Easy Connect, which will allow yacht owners to check that are there nearest Marina appropriate technology.

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