10 tips for beginning boaters

You’re new to the world of sails? Let us help you learn the basics with these handy tips and instructions for novice boaters.

1. Select calm water without heavy traffic. If you are just beginning to learn the basics of circulation under a sail and learn to work with them, one of the most important tips is to try to carry out practical exercises in conditions of light winds and as small as possible movement other floating tools around.

2. Select a small yacht in order to learn how to work with sails. It is much easier to learn with the least amount of rigging and sails. A small sailing yacht will be more responsive and comfortable when maneuvering, but also perfect for practical tests the capsizing of the yacht (see tip #7).

3. Start with a yacht with one sail. As mentioned above, start with a yacht that is equipped with a single sail. This will greatly simplify the training site.

4. Observe safety Essentials. There are safety rules which concern all seafarers, regardless of their level of knowledge and experience. These include the following: always inform someone on shore of your intention to go to sea; to always have on Board rescue equipment; always know in advance what is going to make a sea voyage.

5. Examine the tides, wind and weather conditions. Check the weather forecast before going to sea to be ready to change the strength and direction of the wind. Make sure there is sufficient food on Board. Take suitable clothes. It is useful to have a change of clothes. Boating sailing means to always be prepared for any weather conditions.

6. Learn the basics of sail handling. The best sailors are those who can adjust the sails and use a variety of weather conditions most effectively. General advice, in relation to the setting of sails in the sea – the sail needs to be flat in the middle and a strong wind, and “full” in light winds.

7. Tilt on purpose. This may seem one of the strangest tips for beginners that you can think of, but it is much better to practice the capsize of a sailing yacht under control, than far at sea in a completely uncontrolled environment. We learn best is in practice. So try to learn the basics of safety when capsizing of the sailing yacht “little water”. Such a skill may come in handy in the real world.

8. Respect the geek. One of the most common injuries in the world sails is the result of the neglect of geek when it comes to movement. To avoid a blow to the head, or even worse, not be shot down from the deck into the water, one of the most important tips for beginners to keep in mind, both passengers and crew members, sailing yacht is always to follow the boom and be ready for his movement.

9. Learn the basic terms. Before going to sea, be sure to learn the basic terms and symbols on a sailing yacht. Make sure you know the difference between the right and left side, and can distinguish the windlass from achterstege.

10. Practice makes perfection. Don’t try to learn all the basics of sailing. Learn gradually. Take lessons from more experienced boaters. Read manuals and books. And share the experience with your friends and learn from them new. And of course, as often as possible out to sea.

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