“Scary scales of problems”


      “Scary scales of problems”
      Today in Tokyo, the first meeting of the emergency commission of the Organizing Committee of the Olympics was held, created to address all issues of the transfer of competitions to 2021.

The emergency committee of the Organizing Committee is meeting

Addressing those present, the head of the Organizing Committee, Toshiro Muto, emphasized that the commission was facing problems that were discouraging and frightening in its scope. In particular, it is necessary to renegotiate thousands of contracts, which will cost gigantic amounts, and it is not yet clear whether the Olympic Village will be able to be used in 2021 (since the Tokyo residents who bought them should be accommodated in September), as well as many other objects of the Games. "We have about six months to do everything that we have already done – in 7 years," Muto emphasized.

To renegotiate all contracts, it is necessary to determine the new dates of the Olympics as soon as possible. According to many, it would be logical to hold the Games at about the same dates as expected (July 24 – August 9), but there are other options

So, yesterday the IOC President Thomas Bach noted that it would be possible – and even convenient – to hold the Games in the spring of 2021, because in that case there would be no need to break the international summer calendar.

This proposal is very likely to be discussed today – during a video conference of the IOC and representatives of international sports federations.

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